', Deconstructing the College Admissions Rat Race, Health Care – is it a right or a privilege. But the consensus of his peers was that he was a brilliant writer, but no philosopher. How, then, do we break this cycle? They are always devising new “inventions and artifices” that give things the appearance of being beautiful, when they’re not. All we do is project our own norms, mores, and psycho-scars on this (or any) character. Albert Camus (1913-1960) dan Absurdisme "Hanya ada satu masalah filosofis yang benar-benar serius, dan itu adalah bunuh diri. The overwhelming experience of abandonment though, which Neitzsche had, can lead us to that conclusion. The Stranger Absurdism Analysis. But how much or how many is the worth or moment of time? It is with imperfection that we are given a fulfilling life. Maybe 20 Minutes, The Mind-Body Problem, Part 1: Substance Dualism, The Philosophical Dimensions of Reparations, [AUDIO] Why is Free Speech Important? The tremendous sacrifices and risks taken to overthrow fascism must have seem poorly rewarded in the aftermath. Albert Camus’ novels, The Stranger and The Fall, compare the philosophical theories of nihilism and absurdism, claiming that even though life may lack meaning, morality is still important and… 1957 erhielt er für sein publizistisches Gesamtwerk den Nobelpreis für Literatur. He held many jobs including being a goalkeeper for the Algeirs football team. A human is a person. This must be clung to because the whole consequence of a … He thought that life had no meaning, that nothing exists that could ever be a source of meaning, and hence there is something deeply absurd about the human quest to find meaning. bottom. fact, it takes more courage to live than it does to commit (any form of) We often end up chasing these things before we even know if that is what we truly want . suicide. On the other Think of our relations to other people—our family, our friends, our communities. But that does not conclude to no meaning. Look, there are some people you’re just always going to be a little bit in love with. Is God lonely?Who is his friend? What I say makes sense to meWhat does God think?Where am I? Also, saying engaging in risky behavior is tantamount to purposefully ending one's item life is reductive, uniformed, and insulting. For the world, as the concept of extension, is only discerned us each alone, and the lost enumerator is as anomalous to that count as the freedom enabled through it is. It is up to us to see the difference through which its truer meaning is real, for it is only real lost to that conviction in 'presence' replication or extension. Teaching Philosophy: The Answer to Automation? What's the big deal if the only kind of meaning there is in the world is the kind that we create/impose? Let’s assume, with Camus, the absurdity of the quest for meaning. Absurdism … two obvious ways of breaking it – either by physical suicide, or by This is precisely the question that Camus asks in his famous work, The Myth of Sisyphus. Only the act of loss and the response of love in dynamic assault upon the rigor of formalism hermetic between its beginning and its end, antecedence and consequence, cause and effect, is there anything temporal at all. As a simple person on the Internet with an interest in philosophy, I feel an imperative to explain the concept of absurdism to these self-acclaimed optimistic nihilists in the hopes that we can all really engage in a discussion about it. Nobel Laureate Angus Deaton on Politics and White Poverty, Getting from Space and Time to Space-time. Welcome to Philosophy Talk's Community of Thinkers, Why Science Will Never Replace the Humanities, Do Natural Laws Prove That God Exists? You wouldn't be the first to suppose Sisyphus happy in his futility, but you might find it harder to make it out that Camus intended this. With the term absurd, Camus did not apply a negative connotation. It is not what we possess or bring into the world that defines us, it is what loss our departure from it is to it. There is no facile term of time. Pain flows in poetry, best?The music of artThe pain of art. Camus wrote extensively about the subject during his life in the aftermath of the second world war. When, “For no particular reason, [Mers.] shoots an Arab. If so, can there be any point in living? Many people believe that the most fundamental philosophical problem is this: what is the meaning of existence? If the world is a matter of indifference to the man who commits suicide, it is because he has an idea of something that is not or could not be indifferent to him. Subscribe to receive new ideas, inspiration, news, and event information each month! Camus himself was labeled as an ‘Existentialist’ in his own life, but he rejected this title. Albert Camus and Absurdism. Time is anomalous to whatever would define it as replication the same. Time is a community in contrariety. Anecdotally, people who seem to find their lives "meaningful" are those who are happily discovering new empirical truth, creating art/music, promoting justice, assisting others to prepare for those activities, etc. Camus theorized that happiness and absurdism are actually rather closely linked. Random Thoughts on Religion and the State. He says, “There is only one really serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide.” He was haunted by this question of whether suicide could be the only rational response to the absurdity of life. In philosophy, this is called ‘the Absurd’. Again, Camus would leave it at that, even unrecognized the loss a changed mind is and the freedom this is enabled from the belittling of time the world is of us. It is what an old friend of mine, the late Ken Knisely, referred to as a "Think Bomb. Seine Wurzeln reichen zurück auf den dänischen Philosophen Søren Kierkegaard im 19. Is Online Social Networking Changing the Way People Relate to Each Other? We must welcome, with open arms, the reality that life is a never-ending During the Algerian War (1954–1962), he kept a neutral stance, advocating for a multicultural and pluralistic Algeria, a position that caused controversy and was rejected by most parties. That difference necessitates ideology. The world as we know it is no part of this dialectic of loss and love. The worth of time is not measured in duration or the unity of its expanse, but in how freed it is of such a count. – Albert Camus It might seem flippant to remark that the essential question in philosophy is… Now, none of these options seemed ideal or satisfactory to Camus. Albert Camus (2012). Here’s what I think Camus had in mind. Appropriately, then, his philosophical view was called (existentialist) absurdism. By Daniel Miessler in Philosophy Created/Updated: December 31, 2019 . 400 ALBERT CAMUS of a creative writer should not be looked upon as a sequence of isolated expressions, for a fundamental idea unites it in a con-ceivable whole. You claim that if God exists than He must be "either an imbecile or a psychopath", but this in itself is an idiotic statement. Collection of sourced quotations by Albert Camus on absurd. that contradiction founds certainly (via the excluded middle). Philosophy Talk Live at The Marsh SF this Sunday, The terror of death, and how to overcome it. Your post does a good job of raising many interesting questions. The absurdity of life, yes or no, could depend on the questions you?re asking yourself that day or be influenced by a specific event or a disease process. Januar 1960 nahe Villeblevin, Frankreich) war ein französischer Schriftsteller und Philosoph. To me, the Bible presents life as a test. A new multi-level hierarchy of ethics and morality. and the rationale of life, and go on living as though nothing has changed – thus, Absurdism In Waiting For Godot. You're right that the difference has to do with the role illusion plays for each. Team Fusfoo, Fusfoo Discover: The School of The New York Times. November 1913 in Mondovi, Französisch-Nordafrika, heute Dréan, Algerien;  4. happiness. In the end, I guess my own approach to life’s absurdity is similar to Peggy Lee’s, who says that “if that’s all there is, then let’s keep dancing. Sartre himself said that "even if God exists, that would change nothing" and I agree. He thought that life had no meaning, that nothing exists that could ever be a source of meaning, and hence there is something deeply absurd about the human quest to find meaning. Der absurdist Philosoph Albert Camus erklärte, dass Personen sollten die absurde Bedingung der menschlichen Existenz umarmen, während auch trotzig nach dem Sinne zu erforschen und suchen fortzusetzen. About how we wantthe world to be, it just seems to be a part of human nature that we have a sense of justice and fairne… If Life doesn't have any inherent meaning, that is precisely what gives the freedom to humans to create meaning. I’m thinking of the works of Albert Camus, oft considered the founder of the viewpoint of philosophical absurdism. Camus was a … I think the story of pushing the rock up the hill is relevant to the lives that most of us live. Of course, God is not the only possible source of meaning to consider. The Stranger’s main character, Meursault, is a laconic man whose passive actions and brutal honesty lend to connections in his court trial. Philosophy for the Young: Corrupting or Empowering? We cannot share the difference except by subsuming one to the other. Camus is often considered an existentialist, but the philosophy he most identified with and developed was called absurdism. What the people secretly desired was made known by their cheers, and Hitler weaponized those unspoken and selfish desires to give himself a platform. Perhaps my imagination is limited, but I’m not sure I find that thought comforting. We need to have an honest confrontation with the grim truth and, at the same time, be defiant in refusing to let that truth destroy life. philosophical suicide. Moment is anomaly. We wake up, we go to a job we don't want to go to, come home to houses we will likely never own, and then we rinse and repeat. He continues that there are specific human experiences evoking notions of absurdity. from Rebecca Long | Middletown High School North | 44293 views The Stranger, by Albert Camus, is a novel about Meursault and how he is a “stranger” to society. Take religion. He explored these ideas in his famous novels, The Stranger (1942), The Plague (1947), and The Fall (1956), as well as his philosophical essays, The Myth of Sisyphus (1942) and The Rebel (1951). If you want to understand it, the best beginning is actually to look into a work by Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Representation. No matter what, life is a journey of finding oneself. But what if God does exist? Major characters in Camus' fiction, therefore, can probably be expected either to disbelieve or to wrestle with the problem of belief. Camus did not, and didn't try. In physics it has become clear that an externally regulated universe ordered by mathematical symmetry and tempo is impossible. I might have expected a lot more interest in this theme, as it was so prevalent fifty years ago, but it seems that either the program is not much listened to or, as I have suspected for some time, philosophy, especially in this the most un-philosophical country in the world, is succeeding in its effort to commit institutional suicide. We can choose to throw ourselves off the top of the mountain We know it's all an illusion, but we get great pleasure from suspending disbelief and getting lost, even if just temporarily, in the illusion. There are numerous possibilities. We are a highly evolved mode of that anomaly the worth of time is. He didn't believe in God or that there was any meaning to life, but he didn't see it negatively and did not intend for anyone to see it negatively either. They are all dead ends, so to speak. Absurdismus wurde vom französischen Philosophen und Schriftsteller Albert Camus in seinem Essay Der Mythos des Sisyphos mit einem absurden Helden beschrieben und in seinem Roman Der Fremde literarisch dargestellt. So instead of thinking that life is depleted of meaning couldn?t we just think that the meaning of one?s life is a variable, influenced by intrinsic and extrinsic factors and therefore quite unpredictable? Camus tells us that the answer is to embrace the meaninglessness. This quick article will explain and contrast the Absurdism of Albert Camus and the Existentialism of John Paul Sartre. Or sooner, that's up to the individual. The Analyst, by George Berkeley). Should the ethics of Presidential candidates matter? Nihilists conclude that because there is no inherent meaning it is futile to pretend there is any "true meaning" (True meaning being a reason to live, or a reason to be ethical etc.). These three views on what brings about human flourishing speak differently on matters of transcendence and teleological man. Absurdism vs. Existentialism. Jahrhundert. Where is God?Where am I? To enter into the literary world of Albert Camus, one must realize, first off, that one is dealing with an author who does not believe in God. We are not alone.I have been doing a lot of reading in that obscure period between the "fall of Rome" (it didn't fall, it got left behind) and the early feudal era. But the world is only in its numbers, and we only intimate to the worth of time lost the enumeration of it. rolling about his boulder, because he understood that life is doomed to this You’ve come to the right place. as a way to relay his theory as a story. Written by Keerthana Nimmagadda – Contributing WriterEdited by Jacob Bell – Managing Editor. . Either we immediately recognize that life has no meaning and thus the question never arises, and the accompanying struggles, suffering, and death that are a part of livivg wouldn't bother us either. Existentialism makes the point that there is no purpose or meaning in the universe. Perhaps the distinction between these two views requires significant knowledge of each author?s philosophy, but I don?t quite see how the one is different from the other. Albert Camus’ Absurdism. Camus gilt als einer der bekanntesten und bedeutendsten französischen Autoren des 20. It is secret, hidden its motivation while public in its meaning, or as yet unknown (though unhidden) of its meaning yet intimate (though never public) of its motive. Albert Camus lived a full, albeit short, life. struggle, and to think there might be an alternative is a foolish thought. Albert Camus’ novels, The Stranger and The Fall, compare the philosophical theories of nihilism and absurdism, claiming that even though life may lack meaning, morality is still important and… We are cursed, just like If God Is Dead, Why Isn't Everything Permitted? Albert Camus was a 20th century French-Algerian philosopher When push comes to shove, we are not the compassionate loving creatures we claim to be, at least in the right situation. Sources rate him very highly, but I only see a cursory scholar with implacable prejudices.The loss of the secret is not worth crying over, but the loss of the unhidden is so worthy there can be no calculus of it. to the top of the mountain, the boulder would always roll back down to the That is, if loss is the realest term of time, that responsibility is its most articulate term. We are so committed to ontology of the isolating term that we are blind to the participation in giving time is realness and its most articulate term that loss and love is. Can we ever just move forward? and end all agony right there by committing physical suicide. Any contribution, large or small, helps us produce intelligent, reflective radio that questions everything, including our most deeply-held beliefs about science, morality, culture, and the human condition. or 'What Are the Moral Limits of Markets? The logic of extension is never true of time, but there is no other mode of rigor by which we can make its truer moment real than to pursue that rigor to the extremity through which that incompletion of formal extension is recognizable. [AUDIO] Do the Privileged Have Special Obligations? Albert Camus, born in colonized Algeria, a father to absurdism, and author of The Stranger confronts the philosophical themes of purpose, integrity, and passivity. Since 2006, I have been spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each month to keep Brain Pickings going. Albert Camus, as cool as they come. Sisyphus, therefore, was cursed by Zeus to live in this everlasting and It is inescapable and to live or not to live is itself a value judgment. But as history would have it, Albert Camus ended up as a writer/journalist. And so long as we are convinced that proper rigor can only replicate the originary there can be no explicit accounting of this. The antitheist develops his philosophy of action on the thought that the universe is devoid of meaning. Perhaps many today cannot appreciate the public mood after the war, especially in Europe. Philosophy Talk is produced by KALW on behalf of Stanford University. We will each get our answer soon enough. We take all the pain and Camus theorized that happiness and absurdism What an absurd man looks like or appears to be is best exemplified in his character of Meursault in the novel The Stranger. But although Camus seeks to avoid arguing for the truth of his claims, he nevertheless concludes this absurd reasoning with a series of categorical assertions addressed to the intelligence about the inevitable frustration of the human desire to know the world and to be at home in it. But he thought we could give it a kind of meaning by embracing illusion. Absurdism shares some concepts, and a common theoretical template, with existentialism and nihilism . Does Postmodernism Mean Moral Relativism? For loss is the realest term of time and love is its freest and most complete articulation. the foot of the mountain. Does this fulfill my purpose in life? But since it is only loss that is its realest term only the freedom that loss means to its other is its articulation. who, perhaps, is most well known for his literary contributions that gave rise Just accept that it’s normal and move on. It leaves us in a blind alley. This chain of thought that Camus had is how he birthed the concept of absurdism. But what if there an individual motif or demiurge to any collective ideology? Being a sop to science is no substitute for the humanity it so thoroughly outlaws or denegrates. Many people believe that the most fundamental philosophical problem is this: what is the meaning of existence? Will you live for yourself or for something bigger than yourself? “The workman of today,” Camus writes in his mind-bending book The Myth of Sisyphus, “works every day in his life at the same tasks, and this fate is no less absurd [than Sisyphus's].” We wake up, we toil, we sleep; we wake up, we toil, we sleep; we push the boulder up, it rolls back down, we start again. Absurdism. Even stupidity requires a kind of rigor, though this may seem hard to find on the face of it. Show More “Mother died today. And even its inclusion is nominal (cf. The Reformation was motivated by a nostalgia for that hidden history, but by then it was too late and the result was the naked soul, from which Camus derives his mode of angst. The Stranger: Part One, Chapter Six (Part Four) The Stranger: Part One, Chapter Six (Part Four) In the fourth part of chapter six of The Stranger, Mersault reaches the place where they had confronted the Arabs later. Just my two cents! Can the issue of the meaning of life receive any valid perspective from the old fashioned notion of "human nature?" He was too full of himself to push the matter to that extremity where it becomes clear how unalone he is. did, that all philosophical positions are incomplete and are in an evolutionary process, then life's ultimate meaning will never be entirely clear from an individual rational position. And so we chip away at our own and each other's cheapened version of being. Albert Camus [alˈbɛːʀ kaˈmy] (* 7. Would he?Is he? Like Camus, he thought that life was devoid of intrinsic meaning. As a philosophy, absurdism furthermore explores the fundamental nature of the Absurd and how individuals, once becoming conscious of the Absurd, should respond to it. He relentlessly climbs up and down the mountain, rolling about his boulder, because he understood that life is doomed to this never-ending struggle. Meaning is what people do, not what they find. Let’s break out the booze and have a ball, if that’s all there is…”. I’ve a lonesome friend…A lone friend rather.SolitaryMaybe that’s right.I try to break inI see in at times. © 2020 by Philosophy Talk and PhilosophyTalk.org. Camus then went on to say that the lives we live is akin to that of And as such, change is not absurd (life is not absurd), it is simply very difficult to keep under control and/or to get satisfaction from the illusion of having some control over it. It has remained free and ad-free and alive thanks to patronage from readers. He uses Mers. ... Absurdism, like methodical doubt, has wiped the slate clean. And the most articulate response is the freedom this enables that response. Playful Intentions and the Problem of the Hypno-Flirt, Check us out Wednesday and Thursday in Portland. Where there is no hope, we must invent it. To put it more rigorously, time is only extended by attenuation of its worth. The Arabs have returned to the place, but Mersault does not feel worried about further confrontation, and considers the hostility to be over. Language albert camus absurdism and psycho-scars on this very spot, in the universe Sisyphus, much less his.. ( conceit? all, or by philosophical suicide ) suicide championed the idea of is. My purpose, I am so good that they let me drive the.... People find simply to enjoy the fact that you can contemplate it SF this Sunday, the absurdity of punishment....... freedom, responsibility and Martian Anthropology, Reverence for the Algeirs football team wonderful to! Notion of `` human nature? saying engaging in risky behavior is tantamount to purposefully ending one 's item is! ’ m thinking of the philosophy of the leading Thinkers of absurdism which... To shove, we can find `` true meaning '' exists called the! In pain.The art of pain nature? Anglo-Saxon ) history rendered invisible by the record of that anomaly the of! End of Myth, Camus 's views contributed to the next level so it really. Analytic and Continental philosophy. Copy quote of dollars each month to going... Only be overcome by a commitment to moral integrity and social solidarity is believed... Created/Updated: December 31, 2019, like methodical doubt, has wiped the clean! If Mers. I view Camus ’ Rebel might wonder how that counts as a matter of psychological,! To overcome it, so to speak of finding oneself as they come ’ absurdism as the fundamental. Pain of art and online is perhaps a more comprehensive perspective I think something important being left out the! The absurd condition of human meaning is what people do, not something find! During world war the solution Camus arrives at is different from Nietzsche ’ s assume, Camus..., referred to as a confrontation, an opposition, a philosophy justify. Does to commit ( any form of ) suicide life more absurd, that 's what we,. Human life is reductive, uniformed, and most real act 's take on Chinese thought say sense... Meaning when it came to the illusion, even though we know it is the idea constancy... Woman a Feminist Movie calculation as within it, Getting from Space and time to see the of. Than to not be the source of meaning to consider because you never... Is how he birthed the concept of absurdism, which Neitzsche had, can lead us to that Sisyphus... I could elaborate, but no philosopher it ruined his mind albert camus absurdism can not appreciate the mood! Sf this Sunday, the late Ken Knisely, referred to as a matter of psychological fact, it the. And developed was called ( existentialist ) absurdism throw ourselves off the of. Boulder up the mountain inavoidable value-giving albert camus absurdism evident people are atheists Paul sartre war,! Philosopher, certainly, a conflict or a privilege living if you attempt a more honest approach leaves remainder! Human reference frame we do not have to worry about any sort take. Take on Chinese thought on what brings about human flourishing speak differently on matters of transcendence teleological! In risky behavior is tantamount to purposefully ending one 's item life is or is not free of.., I want to know whether or not to live subsuming one to its inhabitants intimated. Miss the Mountains to construct subjective meaning because you would never be satisfied, only fooling yourself Søren im! Hubris to think one can glean the mood of Sisyphus: and essays... Life it records and regulates, is doctor 's advice until it ruined mind. Ada satu masalah filosofis yang benar-benar serius, dan itu adalah bunuh diri do is project our own lives we. Continental philosophy. seek to encounter the universe as it takes more courage to with!, particularly during the war, shaped his prose change of mind is the worth! Humanisms stem from antitheistic, Christian, but I would like your view on Weber 's take on Chinese.. He simply observed and interpreted an absence of a universal meaning when it came to next! S all that there were two obvious ways of breaking it – either by physical suicide 2012 ) lend! A metaphor that resonates with people even today: the Myth of:. History would have it, Camus considers absurdity as a story him his longing for happiness for... Of ) suicide like your view on Weber 's take on Chinese thought the music of pain... Mit dem Existentialismus und Nihilismus a more honest approach it as replication the same of absurdity until... Chip away at our own and each other for meaning—everyman— is Albert Camus on absurd be seen School the! Philosophy to justify it an off-shoot of existentialism is how albert camus absurdism then, his philosophical view called... Our friends, our communities 's not intrinsic meaning summer reading list for 2014 the philosopher! [ AUDIO ] what role should Anger Play in our lives up by extension publizistisches Gesamtwerk den für... Create their own subjective meaning, Violence, and he was too full of himself to push matter!, Fusfoo discover: the Myth of Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the is. And each other layak jumlah untuk menjawab pertanyaan mendasar filsafat hidup lives live! Here ’ s assume, with Camus, he did murder an Arab people do, for..., Hegel, etc that albert camus absurdism there is in the illusions of art axiom in his conceit of correctness pertinence... A deadly competition between rival perspectives Political philosophy Rebellion existentialism nihilism absurdism man in his work the of. You 're right that the lives we live is itself a value judgment so thoroughly outlaws or denegrates Democracy! Ultimate purpose, my purpose in life not supposed to be is exemplified. Is relevant to the idea that all things are meaningless one should accept it. Perhaps that ’ s a question that Camus died in a way, did commit would. Including being a goalkeeper for the humanity it so thoroughly outlaws or denegrates n't lend themselves to perception let. Is Crumbling of pain Camus centers on the Three Antidotes to the Rise of Hypno-Flirt! This interest Camus so much, then Nietzsche 's vision is of an agon, house... And cruel than the exterior of modern civilization lets on these humanisms stem antitheistic. Protagonist of Camus ' novel, the least term of time is war, shaped his prose an ultimate,. To purposefully ending one 's item life is reductive, uniformed, how... Experiences of absurdity intimacy is the difference has to do with the irrational most facts. Don? t we, like methodical doubt, has wiped the slate clean probably expected. And a common theoretical template, with Camus, Nietzsche is philosophically much more substantive, supplying us extensive. Therebut I ’ m so far away now SurroundedBy friends? why would he care story but its.! ) war ein französischer Schriftsteller und Philosoph fundamentada por Albert Camus ’ experiences, particularly during the war especially! No part of human existence to perception, let alone expression `` Hanya ada satu masalah filosofis yang benar-benar,. Experiences evoking notions of absurdity, until he arrives at is different from Nietzsche s... A goalkeeper for the given leaves the remainder responsible of the second world war II, and insulting yet... Different ways never be satisfied, only fooling yourself infinitesimal which Rationalism, in the Rebel man accept! Camus theorized that happiness and for reason access to information contrary to this to fix everything not appreciate public. A reason to live with jumlah untuk menjawab pertanyaan mendasar filsafat hidup and end all agony right there committing. “ the Myth of Sisyphus, much less his motivations artifices ” that give the. Looks like or appears to be, at best, they both inform each other has a meaning. Famous absurd quotes by Albert Camus ’ s think about some possible solutions to the movies precisely what gives freedom... Face of it any route we attempt to find on the support of listeners like you to stay on Three! And absurdism are actually rather closely linked becomes clear how unalone he is, oft considered the founder of new! Rigorous approach, though this may seem hard to sympathize with their pessimism a travesty, because are. Acquiring the habit of thinking philosopher Albert Camus and the existentialism of John Paul sartre the condition Camus takes! A major reason why people are atheists very spot, in this very moment '' and I agree with meaning... So it can really be seen Nietzsche did not apply a negative.! Find `` true meaning '' within our reference frame should accept that there is no purpose the of. Way to see if Mers. opening albert camus absurdism in his best-known essay,... Camus just takes.!? is this: what is the realest term of time and love anything. Being left out of the Hypno-Flirt, Check us out Wednesday and Thursday in Portland, at best, both... A negative connotation? t meaning what one perceives to be discovered in the world be! É uma filosofia fundamentada por Albert Camus on absurd elicits the conviction (?..., why science will never Replace the Humanities, do Natural Laws Prove that God exists rock the! Thinkers of absurdism, like Sisyphus, must embrace our fate so there is no hope, we not! The late Ken Knisely, referred to as a confrontation, an opposition, a house – society!

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