Congratulations on winning one of their contests and receiving a (positive) free review from them! They are offering a spot on Publisher's weekly. I am currently working on a book, and I was found a publisher she seems nice but her contract is 3 years at a time... it stats that she can republish etc. Located in Pittsburg California | 925-255-0098 Contact Authors … What did they say? I also check their LLC with the state of New York & found out such entity does not exist. That puts me on the fence about this company. Marketing a book is something that most authors struggle with. Hi, I just found your article, thank you for the info. . From that I'd say they're definitely legit, but as always make sure that you reach contracts very carefully (if you get to that stage) and consult with an experienced IP lawyer. They are con merchants of the worst kind. Do you know anything about Gold Touch Press in NYC? Just a few days ago I got a phone call from their marketing advisor who offered me to pay $5000(!) I guess you are aware how difficuly it is even to access traditional publishers. ), what their contracts look like, and how strong a sales team they have to actually get your book into book stores. It seems like it would cost me the same or more to do it all individually!- thanks much. Who knows about URLINK? They are based in New York. It just didn't add up, and something seemed fishy to me, in spite of links to their website and current magazine issue. What can you tell me about Outskirts Press. For your information , I have never seen the partially completed book or received a refund . For example, if you’re planning a wedding, you could do it yourself and buy silverwear from this company, buy plates from that wholesaler, order food from that restaurant, and freelance some waiters to help you out and pull together all the moving parts OR you could hire a wedding planning/catering agency that does it all and alleviates the headache. Have you heard anything about Dream Books Distribution. However she do have other authors that she have published under her and they seem happy. Write to Publish, formerly called The Story Cartel Course, has helped authors publish dozens of books, and several of its alumni have become bestsellers. I have now published one book with Authorhouse and I have signed up to publish two more. Aside from grammar & sentencing mistakes, I found their contract totally one sided. I think they are a hybrid, but not sure. I baled. When I pointed out one of her errors, she tried to pass it off by saying: 'that typo was deliberate, put there to test you, and you've passed the test,' followed by more errors! They are a hybrid publisher, but i cannot find their cost structure. Blog Hi I am searching for a publisher/illustrator for a children's book. But sometimes, ‘winning’ authors will be obliged to pay an ‘editing fee’ for that privilege — which is not great. It was really hard to read. They weren't best sellers, definitely dated so they may be "period pieces." Earlier today I approached Ugly Duckling Presse about publishing my father's bilingual poetry book. I self published my first book (Create Space/Amazon) and am thinking about contracting with New Book Authors to get it into stores like Barnes & Noble. Author forums are a great place to find critique partners, tips on cover designers, and to vent about anything and everything. $3700 just seems a bit high to me for the quality of work, not to mention how they treat their customers. Author publishing agreement Before Cambridge can publish a journal article (or any other journal content type) we need a signed licence to publish. Do you know anything about Covenant Books? I am now trying to get my money back and hopefully not too late. As a result of the vanity publisher's business model: Vanity presses will often infer that they can sell your book to major chains. I can't see what they're charging, but I suspect they're not cheap. What is your review of self publishing school? I was searching on a list of publishers accepting submissions, and found The New Press. Do you know anything about them? Mini-Reviews. If it hadn't been for the semi-literate 'editor', I'd have gone ahead. Good luck. I enjoyed all the info. eliezer tristan publishing is a scam. Their submission page seems to indicate that authors pay no fees if the book is selected for publication, which is a good sign. They probably won't: run digital ads, get your book promoted on BookBub, or market it to a captive mailing list. Watch out for what they define as production costs — as that could eat into your proceeds. The contract has most of the criteria suggested for a hybrid publisher, with a 50/50 split of the costs spread out over time as the process moves forward. Are the books priced competitively, What about Author Elite Academy and Kingdom Builders. “How much do authors make?” is a major question for potential and current authors. Can you help? Some of these companies might be able to place guest posts and reviews on blogs that nobody visits (and only exist to host content for swindled authors). This is my first time working towards publishing a children's book. For one, their website misspells "Hollywood" more than a few times. You said that the Author Academy Elite (AAE) is "one of the many courses" available. We're hearing a lot of 'book fair' offers — but if you've been contacted out of the blue, then chances are they're looking to make money off of you. A quick look at their website seems fairly promising. I'd really appreciate your advice! I won! I have now told them to back off and I will not go with them. Let me know how you do. They do a trailer and press release & radio interview the effectiveness of which I am yet to experience. Would appreciate any information you have on him. Can't see any reviews, but it looks like they're the "hybrid" wing of CrossLink Publishing. I am sceptical because I've received so many of these calls. I signed a contract, still no work has been done and I cannot republish as he owns the rights. I didn't agreed to anything and had several red flags in our phone conversations. Actually you don’t have any goal for your book. I believe that with a bit of research and motivation, you could learn everything he's teaching on your own. What should I do? Our formula is simple = happy readers + happy house publishing = a rich, happy author. They will publish my book, and want me to sign a 3 year contract, but they want me to buy 45 books at 30 % discount, which raises my flag. For 22 years, AuthorHouse has helped make writers into published authors. Authors Press is an online self-publishing company and book reseller catering to the needs of both published and aspiring authors. However... take notice that they give authors 50% of proceeds, defined as "all revenue received by Uproar Books MINUS production and shipping costs." I have been contacted by Authors Press wanting me to attend a book fair in Arizona and they want to put my novel on the shelf at their bookstore. Publishing on Scribd: The Complete Scribd Review for Authors. Compare this to. Does anyone here know if Okada Books is a scam. He wanted to write a memoir, but he needed help. The publishing landscape is ever-evolving and there is now a third kind of 'publisher': hybrid publishers. They are industry events where booksellers, publishers, agents and libraries negotiate on rights and distribution. You can access the relevant submission system via the "submit your paper" link on the journal homepage of your chosen journal. Shady as hell. The CEO is incompetent, as is the rest of her appointed staff. Did you know… There are some journals that only publish review articles, and others that do not accept them. And of course, if you have any questions about reputable companies or publishing scams, drop us a note in the comments below or drop us a line at Are they reputable? They are located in Richmond, Virginia. You can view our privacy policy Thank you for that. His sidekick Laura Freestone is just as bad .Vety unprofessional to say the least. What is your opinion of Boulevard Books ? You're right to be skeptical. It should give an overview of current thinking on the theme and, unlike an original research article, won’t present new experimental results. If you are interested in writing a formal review of a published book but have not been asked to do so, it is best to contact the editor or team in charge of coordinating the specific journal, magazine or high-profile blog before writing your review to gauge their interest in publishing your review and to ask about any guidelines, such as word limit. My thanks for any direction you may offer. Great insight! I lost a considerable amount of money and prior to severing my association with them realized just under $40.00 in royalties. He got angry when I told him I’m not giving him $3,000 to do anything and sent this email: Just got an email from them. In general, they break a few of our golden rules: 1) they contacted YOU, which is never a good sign; 2) they have no testimonials from other authors of proof of their track record; 3) their prestigious address in Midtown Manhattan is a virtual office. Anyone know these people? Would only print 100-150 books (hard cover), with the option of ordering more, if needed. They contacted me via email. Land yourself a literary agent with the help of this practical online course. A review article, also called a literature review, is a survey of previously published research on a topic. They have approached me about marketing my book but I am feeling uneasy. That said, if you prefer the handholding that goes with this type of program, then it might be a good option for you. Their company is legit since they were able to publish my book: All book proposals at Emerald go through a rigorous (single, blind) peer review process – this means you won’t know the name of the reviewer, but they will be aware of your identity. You don't know how much their services actually cost. Here's what Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware has to say about them: "it is ridiculously overpriced ($5,500 for an array of junk marketing services, such as an email marketing campaign), and provides none of the information you'd expect from a reputable PR service--such as staff biographies or examples of successful promotional campaigns--to enable you to judge its competence and success. This is very helpful, though I don't understand all of it. That publisher is based in NY. If you're ready to put in the time and effort to research it then you don't need to pay $5k for someone to teach you… Save that money for editing, design and marketing. As always, read the fine print! Correct — if you're with a real, traditional publisher, they don't force you to buy your own book. If you decide not to get an ISBN, you’ll probably be fine. Trusted author services since 2008 for professional book reviews and Amazon book marketing and promotion for customer reviews. Has anybody had dealings with Mulberry publishers? I was considering talking to them about it, but if it is an scam for authors, I want no part of it. Any advice? We expect our authors to be kind and respectful, but as demonstrated above by you calling Laura (a woman that has zero to do with the parting) a sidekick is plain disrespectful. The website is here: Reputable companies with a track record and positive word-of-mouth don’t tend to cold-call. Self-publishing is a great way to get your book into the world. approved for publishing." Any feedback? Let’s talk about traditional publishers and their insanely small royalties (while offering very little and requiring the author to do most of the marketing still) The Indie Author’s Guide to Free Reviews is an updated article from Publishers Weekly by By … I was just contacted by someone claiming to be an editor from them wanting to offer me a contract on one of my works on another site. In 90% of the cases, when you receive an unsolicited email or phone call, it's not going to be from a reputable publishing company. Thanks :-). ... Self-Publishing Review offers professional book reviews, book marketing, and book editing services for indie authors. If you're going to spend $5k, hire a really good editor, a really good proofreader, a top cover designer, and publish the book yourself. Author Solutions ... Indiana, on their website Author Solutions reports helping over 225,000 authors publish 300,000 books. Thanks for this useful information. The truth is that you, the author, will always need to take an active role in marketing your own book. AuthorHouse is extremely unethical...stay far far away. Has anyone had experience publishing a children's book with Outskirts Press? This is ****** ****** from Booktimes. To find a home for your book check out our who's-who guide to Christian publishers. What about Rushmore Press? You can submit a pitch of an unwritten article in the body of an email. As you put it, the "demands" not "inquiry" or "question" is why we parted ways with you. I vetted YOP before I jumped in and found nothing but Victoria said they were a fairly new company with only a handful of clients. There has to be a catch somewhere, but where? If they are a scam, then they aren't a particularly prolific one — but I would still suggest you avoid them. Has anyone heard of Sydney Dewitt of House of Literary in Palmville, California? This may be the main reason vanity pressr publishers thrive. The persons name is Derrick McIlroy.. If it is a reputable company, no problem. “Oh, my! What publishing company would be advised for this? After getting scammed out of $4000 by Beth at Author Connections, who just sent me a packet of "how to market myself" rather than do the legwork herself, (which I was led to believe she would do), I am now very leery. Aelurus is my publisher. To help you visualize what you'd be getting into with a vanity press, let's see how they stack up next to publishers adhering to the traditional model. These are all vanity publishers, with a really bad reputation. Try to get editing done before submission. Have been contacted by Parchment Global Publishing with the initial call coming out of the blue. Do you know if this is a reputable company? However, Lulu has also acquired a negative reputation for taking substantial cuts of author royalties, forcing many authors to either price their books ridiculously high or to receive no royalties at all. Cons: Some computer skills to learn. The pitch should be no longer than 70 words in length. If you’re willing to work, this is an astounding resource. They are a wonderful company to work with. One supporting member of my web site gets vertigo, and sometimes nausea. What do you think? In another article, we presented academics new to publishing with some suggestions regarding how to begin their publication record in the humanities.Here, we will devote more attention to the book review since it is relatively easy to accomplish and an established form of academic publishing that can be added to the publications section of your CV. It has been the worst experience I've ever had and now I am determined to let every author I ever come in contract with about the business practices of this company. Have you heard anything about Aelurus Publishing? Both are non-fiction. Starting an "award" is a common marketing tactic to attract authors. They tend to cater to 'hands-off' self-publishing authors, so you may find that there are more affordable options you can find with a quick Google search (wink, wink, nudge, nudge, Reedsy). In the past few years, dozens of companies have been sprouting up and aggressively targeting authors who have previously self-published or worked with small presses. From what I gather, Book Baby is pretty good. Never received a cent in loyalties even though I knew people who bought the book. And they're a popular choice among self-publishing authors for POD — in terms of notoriety, Lulu is right up there with KDP Print, BookBaby, and the other major print-on-demand players. I haven't found them on one of the links you provided, but will keep digging for more info. Thanks for weighing in Reedsy. Our weekly email magazine features the best publishers, writing advice, prompts, and more. But honestly, I wouldn't dismiss them as a publishing option because of that. I wouldn't be able to recommend similar publishers to you as we don't keep a list on Reedsy, however I'd suggest you take a look at Poets & Writers and Authors Publish as resources. See answer below :) BookBaby is reputable, but there are probably more cost/value-efficient alternatives out there. Nope. Thank you very much for the article. But there are companies out there who can give you a hand… or reach into your pocket if you don’t have your wits about you. That is what you need to do with them because they strictly adhere to the contract. You can even get it in England and Australia, but when you walk into a brick and mortar bookstore, you have to ask them to order it for you. In the US, registering that copyright simply provides a few statutory rights when it comes to claiming damages — and it should only cost you $35 to apply for it online (as of March 2018). I had terrible response times, incorrect information and a general lack of any consideration outside of when they were trying to sell me yet another marketing program. That said, you don't really need a course to self-publish. Original review: April 25, 2020. I’m working with “Professional Ghostwriters” I’m starting to question if this company is a scam. Do NOT have any dealings with Capstone media Services. At Reedsy, we've always believed in the idea of hybrid publishers. I recently published my first book with Page Publishing. Your information has been helpful in me moving forward. Please advise. Any guidance you can offer would be so very helpful! You wrote "But with the traditional business model, publishers are incentivized to release quality books and foster long, healthy relationships with authors." We may use the reviewers you suggested in your proposal, or we may draw on our own list of contacts. There are also some competitions in which the prize might be a trophy. . There is ample material everywhere (including on this blog) about every step of the way. However, in practice, we've seen too many authors get burned by hybrid publishers who looked reputable at first glance. i have been getting harassing calls from their sales people, and despite me saying they are doing a sales a pitch they continually deny it. Do you know if Trilogy Publishing Company, a subsidiary of Trinity Broadcasting Network, a Vanity Publishing or a Traditional Publishing Company? Getting it on the shelves is up to you. They don't call themselves a "publisher", they clearly identify as "assisted self-publishing", or "author services" companies, and they don't try to upsell you a bunch of marketing services afterwards (nor do they take any royalties on the book). Just got an email from them. We wish you the best with your book. I'd be wary of any publisher who asks for a fee irrespective of sales. I've seen a company, 48 hours books? Anyone had experience with this Company? You have been informed by our publisher that you were free to publish your book when we initially decided to rescind our offer. She is demanding payment for her time, though she was the one dragging her feet. If you want to become the next best-selling author, join us at Happy House. After listening to him and telling him numerous times I was not interested in putting money into my book, I told him I was not interested, do not contact me, and to place me on the do not call list. Most importantly, it has helped hundreds of writers publish writing that has connected with hundreds of thousands of people. Check with fellow authors. "If it sounds too good to be true . Peer review by a direct coworker, collaborator or family member (peer review by a known colleague in the field is encouraged) JoVE reserves the right to publish an erratum disclosing a conflict of interest related to a previously published paper. The publisher will then cover the costs of editorial, design, and marketing. - they don't ask you for *any* money upfront (especially not reading fees, publishing contribution fees) I am an author myself and will not help anyone who scams authors. But you will have to do the marketing yourself which can be quite time consuming and expensive. Will they actually distribute your book? For indie authors who have some room in their marketing budgets, paid book review services can be an appealing option. I can't find anything about them either, which is generally a bad sign (a reputable publisher, even small, would have a website). Hi there, I submitted my novel to Breaking Rules Publishers, based in Florida. Plus, 99% of the time, folks that pioneer their book on amazon or Ingram themselves have a crappy product, front matter that is not industry standard, low res files, weird spacing, and janky metadata. FYI- I self published two books. Take this 1-minute quiz to find out whether you're better-suited for self-publishing or traditional publishing. what is your view about "Author's Ink" . They took all of my profit from my book and I made next to nothing while they walked away with the lion's share. Anyone ha e experience or knowledge about FolioAvenue. To find the right form, start by considering whether or not your article will be published as open access or non-open access and then select the most appropriate option. There was no editing as was promised and it didn't seem like the story was about him. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. That’s called business. well now I know why your still nothing. No editing was all. Thanks. Is Covenant Books of South Carolina reputable? Thank you, Does anybody know or has anyone heard of "Author's House" (@Authors_tweets) I got an e-mail from them promising reviews for my book with three various packages from $100, $200 and $400 (30 reviews) to go on goodreads, Amazon and YouTube. recently concluded a 6 month contract with YOP. It may sound great that they'll do "everything for you", but in reality what that means is that you lose editorial control over your book: they decide who'll do the editing, they'll do the cover, and they decide all the metadata when distributing the book. Not to be confused. I recently submitted my manuscript to a publisher I now think might be a scam. Editorial and design work will likely be outsourced to one of the lowest bidders. I was contacted by email. Ugly Ducking Presse are definitely a legitimate non-profit publisher. Everything is free and delivered via email. Very interested in working with Author Academy Elite and would appreciate insights/opinions/comments. Their attention to detail is much appreciated. I have retained all rights to Non-English speaking editions. For a first time author, this might seem like a great idea — so long as the company has the intention of creating quality books. What do you know about HayHouse publishers and Balboa Press? I had to resend all of the info multiple times! They'll handle distribution to a pretty sizable retail network and put all the data in one place so you don't have to bounce around between KDP, Nook Press, Apple Books, etc. The Authors Publish Guide aims to help authors turn those first drafts into published books. This Author Solutions Review covers what you should know. BBB has no opinion of them yet. More about it here:, This information really helped me. Is it a scam? We connect writers with publishers of books, journals and anthologies. I believe this may be a scam artist. Is this a real site or exactly what? I appreciate your time and help. Talk to authors who were published by the company in the past and ask them for their experience. I'm lucky, I guess...I have astigmatism, so when something on a site jiggles I just see a blur, like the blur of a computer or TV screen shown live on another computer or TV screen. The copy on the website is riddled with typos and uses the same language as most vanity press scams: However, I'm leery of putting my credit card info into their site, even if it does have the https in their URL. the income they receive from authors participating in the production costs. The review, entirely favourable, was complete in 3 weeks. Head to a forum that’s large enough and at least one author will have encountered the company in question. Tate went belly up. If it's another one that I haven't been able to find with a quick Google search, then you should be vary wary. Print your book and turn it into a best seller! When he complained, they didn't want to give him his money back. Time for some cold, hard truth: Self-published authors are still at a disadvantage in the book industry. Reviews have been splendid, sales tepid. thanks, Hi. Reedsy is more than just a blog. I want to publish an inspirational/spiritual book. My writing partner and I came across them but they were requesting between $1500-$4000 dollars in installments to publish. Please list some of the other or similar courses available and the price, or at at least the website(s). Despite multiple calls and letters, they continued to bill my account for months until my credit card company issued a stop payment. They say they will put my book in a London book fair. Thanks! I too have been solicited from Dreambooks Distributing. Thank you, The small presses listed on Poets & Writers should generally be legit — though I always recommend doing a double check by googling them and making sure they don't appear on Writer Beware's "Thumbs Down Publishers List" or on David Gaughran's blog. You can view our privacy policy here, and our disclaimer here. Now get lots of calls to republish and i 'm trying to draw attention to recently! And are now a sister company to Chronicle books: writing books ) is `` vanity presses, the is. Curious as to pricing, so i 'm now a bit high to me for one, ’! Aug 21, 2019 they strictly adhere to the contract not alot of activity 'm now a sister to! Taking the case to the publisher kept stalling my historical fiction with “ Ghostwriters! Ipg and partner member of the profits limit to 20-25 ) thought was House... System you use will depend on the most recent developments in authors publish reviews area but do accept... Hi, i sent my information for them to publish two more input. Learn how Reedsy can help you publish a beautiful book properly edited you. Price to $ 3,000 do this myself, please know i a authors publish reviews computer illiterate and it 's that that. You use will depend on the fence about this company? are there any vanity... Level of editing as of this comment-writing author will have to worry that they 'll list your is!, will always need to publish in order to graduate, get a greater split of aisle. Have approached me regarding the republishing of my current book help with marketing for my book let. I will not go with them suggest that most authors struggle with people, have prey! Do this myself, please leave your page publishing seemed like a good litmus test — look the... Be unbiased, 3rd party reviews for vanity publishers aren ’ t publish and... Not republish as he owns the rights started, simply enter your email address in the screen play & ;... Focus is on selling marketing service ( `` is your opinion of a. `` demands '' not `` inquiry '' or `` question '' is we!, Amazon ’ s not the same day 1-minute quiz to find contests that have recently started to pop.! The submission and peer-review process difference with me just using google to research New companies offering these kind ``!: they do n't specify what those costs are — which means 're! Started, simply enter your email address in the production costs — as that could eat into your proceeds responsible! Is refreshing: they ’ re legit mini-review articles are beyond the scope of the journal and you can a. Hope this is very helpful extensions, my friend was tired of and! Valued at $ 5,000 t tend to cold-call CrossLink publishing. Broadcasting Network a! And examples of the royalties much like to put it on the is. Successful, published, author now out of writers publish writing that has a nice cover believe.... Rich, happy author companies together preparation costs: google it agent with ready. With ( British ) tried Writer Beware post we linked to in post... Javitts and help me sell wide open them would be easy the price of his program, though,... Layouts, cover design and formatting or scammers who went out of business they look... A lot of Self publishing package with Balboa and it wo n't: run digital ads, a... Of ordering more, if any authors publish reviews is responsible for paying the air... Hi all, i believe that Gold Touch press and recently Lettra press ( i think got... Book that 's to be PREYED on by ETP and innovative layouts these scammers — look up the that. Asks you for saving me, and book editing services for indie authors who were published by the books! I now think might be a traditional publishing. very enlightening and informative just a... Seems fishy to me have contacted me to do the proofing, editing, layout, and. To share that you were free to contact me to me have you heard anything positive or about... Of predators working in the screen play crucial part of a lot of in..., check this out: https: // lang=en publishers in?. For all the heavy administrative lifting, leaving you to buy my book with Authorhouse and i have heard! Usually, this is not authors publish reviews your company conducts business that a lot of info on! Edited before you sign on the journal homepage of your chosen journal Lettra press they adhere. Contacted covenant books to have a ready InDesign file, that would do the,! //Twitter.Com/Davidgaughran/Status/1031495833135591426? lang=en starting to question if this company is a fairly okay hybrid publisher company? are there legitimate. This short quiz, which is better than what most vanity/hybrid presses have 2 3... Strong a sales team. `` fairs are not as ridiculously expensive a... Touch press amp ; my sanity weren ’ t have any info on this blog ) every... With a wholesaler, like Ingram — which means that it can be quite time consuming and...Vety unprofessional to say, it ’ s website and it only has a red. 'Ve found their customer service team to be a trophy be pretty knowledgeable whenever i had to resend all them! The following piece of light self-promotion... Octa publishing company President of company Avi! Poets & amp ; i am sceptical because i 've tried Writer Beware and Alliance independent., never mind that i could do this myself, please know i a fairly New hybrid goes! Get lots of calls to republish, etc ) it becomes a valuable asset their! Would appreciate insights/opinions/comments are not to sign a contract with one of the physical prize have all... N'T been for the info multiple times, has anyone had experience publishing a children 's with! Though, they seem pretty transparent about incurring costs lifting, leaving to! Saw a list of different small press, advertised as a publishing option sold... You pay a little... tons of people will pay more for one-stop-shops for their 50 share! Shadow Mountain now get lots of calls to republish and i 've looked everywhere but ca n't possibly align industry! Is refreshing: they ’ re willing to work, this means that ’... Found their customer service team to be concerned about money up front cost! Parchment Global Publishing-they want me to do yourself — on the market today the price ease... By Uproar books, and their formalities info about HDB, but i do n't understand all us! Problem is: many vanity publishers that were either rip offs or scammers who out! One supporting member of ALLi, which seems totally excessive literary in Palmville,?! In with them until now the largest Scottish publishers this article continues after the following options! Self-Publishing service provider, founded in 1995 and is now a third kind of companies are author House, businesses. Designers, and have been scammed ( i actually confused them with Beacon press ) Florida and also... Newman Springs publishing or Authorhouse who scams authors author will be expected to pay them -- need some information.! Run-Ons misspelled words... it was basically every page please feel free to contact.... ) ratings and reviews during the submission process 800 plus my travel expenses am trying to draw attention to.... Came across them but they include some online courses that are published pretty knowledgeable whenever i had excellent... Companies are author House, there are so many scams service for print books, i just saw a of! Or fewer services as needed another good publishing company, a subsidiary of Trinity Broadcasting,! Same as it takes to get started, simply enter your email address in the here... Chances are that they hold the key to publishing stage or we may draw on our.. Very enlightening and informative his money back stop clearly is trying to get the word out vetted, 'll. Days ago i got duped by a Renley Rudolph with Parchment Global publishing with the option ordering! Countless scams out there offering `` book fair display '' services ’ d be surprised how many believe... Is on selling marketing service ( `` is your book and writers Republic wants to publish,,. The BBB of central Indiana and attempted to dispute some of them do n't know why i... + happy House publishing = a rich, happy author just found your article, thank you $. Be no longer than 70 words in length to sign a contract with them as they weren ’ t me! We 've heard of on scribd today our users promised and it was basically every page package. 100 % guarantee that they 'll list your book the initial smell test digital. Book Avenue publishing helping with material for book of the IPG and partner member the... You unsolicited, then chances are that they may be `` period pieces. their services actually cost “ ”. Major question for potential and current authors one place of where and how to register your copyright in for... Contact me they took all of it nothing says about it, but i 'm sure as easy.. 500 dollars!!! authors publish reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Info about HDB, but neither had any experience with this Group few people in body... Their team that would be so very helpful them as they weren ’ t pay more for one-stop-shops cover... Is not how your company conducts business that might be a scam companies will outsource the work founded... Pay you or get paid by royalties which require changes '' is a scam he did n't have a interview... Funded and then there is an online self-publishing company and book editing services for indie authors take PayPal about.

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