As long as you were clear that he is an old grump, I can't see what's wrong with that. I didn't bleed, but I'm quite worried about whether or not to get a Tetanus Shot. SECOND, the dog's salivia has to come in contact with your body fluids. Slee Blackwell’s specialist personal injury dog bite … He didn't even break the skin at all. What am I to do? the bite did cause a small hole in the sweatshirt but didn't break skin. He alleges my dog bit him, but there were two other dogs in the fight and my dog was bleeding from minor scratches. He's never bit anyone before. ... And I hope someone who was just bitten reads this and instead of taking their dog to the shelter, ... he was simply following his instincts. FIRST, the dog has to have the disease. They didn't break the skin this time, but my dog was bruised and sore, and I have to look out for my dog. She fell down in front of him and I assume it woke him and he bit her hand (I was just inches away but didn't see or hear anything until dd started crying). To rehome him elsewhere would be my advice to someone else and my preferred option - but we don't know of anyone. Two of mine bit me by accident. Because of his food drive (he was a Beagle), we had to crate him until dinner was over and done with. Don't let your dog go outside the house without being on a leash and unless he's accompanied by a responsible adult holding the handle. it is a very hard decision for you and i expect you are pretty shaken with the 'what if's' etc, but he does sound like he is getting on and perhaps he was just startled. Dogs may bite in defense of themselves, their territory, or a member of their pack. sorry but having seen this a few times i would say put to sleep It’s just so strange that I’ve never had this issue before with any other dog. You can cover the wound using cotton bandage afterwards. Anna C(476) wrote: My dog nipped the top of my leg today and it punctured the skin (hurt for a few hours still zinging a bit now) but no blood and honestly quite tiny slightly raised wound. i might call animal administration and record it, yet i does no longer bypass so a techniques as saying they attacked your dogs. Applies only if injury happened on owner's property or after dog chased victim from owner’s property; liability limited to expenses if owner didn’t know dog was dangerous. 'Buckle up,' ex-DHS chief warns after Capitol attack, Pro trainer banned for giving horse a racist name, Pro-Trump rocker who went to D.C. rally dropped by label, Kamala Harris's new Vogue cover shoot is causing a stir, Coach K on 'insurrection': 'They need to be prosecuted', In Dec. call, Trump pressured Ga. official to 'find the fraud', Employers fire workers identified as Capitol rioters, Police: Man shoots 7 in series of Chicago-area attacks, Star golfer apologizes after muttering antigay slur, Couple who won $1M lotto gave $1K to grocery workers, Schwarzenegger denounces Capitol riot in powerful video. Next thing my dog growls at my son and then bit him on the head. Will post a pic. My pet dog who usually is senile but get a little possessive around food, bit me when i tried to pick something i thought he wasn't eating. He is old and grumpy - doesnt deserve to die because of that. Our dog has snapped a couple of times in his long life, but only when hurt/accidentally stood on... but am I now pushing our luck with him. Is there anyone else, perhaps a relative, who could rehome him? to rehome puts someone else at risk, Ok, do you love your dog? Or the Dog's Trust would be a good source of advice I would think. You may know the loving, sweet side of your dog and might have an explanation as to why your dog bit that person, but the sad truth is that those things don’t matter in this situation. Is an animal bite that did not break the skin dangerous? Didn't bite thru my jeans but when I got home to look it did break skin a bit. I would take your dog to the vet to rule out any problem the dog may have - if he has toothache etc it can't be very nice for him and will make him grumpy. It hurt like a mother-f-er. xxx, Sorry I am going to get jumped on here, your dog didn't bite if the skin was not broken he nipped and I know to some that is the same but there is a huge difference between a nip and a bite. I was petting a dog tonight , it was a hot dog venders dog and the dog bite me on my face. Just wondering if there's more I should do for a dog bite... Don't want to be careless but I think I'm fine. My dog bit my puppy's face, it didnt break the skin, but the area under his eye is swollen, is this normal, or - Answered by a verified Dog Veterinarian. But also what Lauriefairycake says about him knowing his place in the pack. I would do the same thing if my dog had bitten someone. We do all the place in the pack stuff - he's not allowed upstairs or on the furniture, or out of the door before I am etc, but I will look at how he is with the kids on that one as maybe I've taken my eye off the ball. Determine the rabies vaccine status of the dog, if possible. Now that the animal has bit someone (even if it didn't break the skin), they can try to get the judge to require you put the animal down. Has it ever shown any agression towards the children before? A dog even it's still bit,it can hurt us skin. Are Pitbulls dangerous dogs or is this a myth? Those bitten by dog’s often know the dog that bit them and can verify that the dog has previously received a rabies vaccination, in which case rabies is not a concern. It would all come down to how confident you are that it was a one off. When dealing with dog bites, there are certain steps to take, but what to do depends upon the circumstances and severity of the injury. This is page 1 of 2 (This thread has 42 messages.). has it done it before? Tonight, my boyfriend gave her a treat and when she was done, he moved her to lay down on the couch and she ran up his chest towards his face and nipped his nose. She did not break skin. My dog bit dd today (not badly - not broken the skin). My dog bit dd today (not badly - not broken the skin). might leave a small bruise on the arm. Whent he firend came over with her hat, he was barking and growling, but when I told him to take off the hat, he stopped. If it was my dog I would know that he nipped the baby because he was woken suddenly and that it was an automatic reaction but I would only know that because he is loved, secure and very well trained to know his place in the pack. It didn't break the skin, or bleed or anything and I wiped the marks with rubbing alcohol once I got home. I would still make sure that the dog is properly vaccinated. Control and supervise your dog. I trust the dog 99% BUT I also teach my dd healthy respect of her and other dogs' boundaries and space. To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. - Pennsylvania Animal / Dog Law Questions & Answers - Justia Ask a Lawyer ... that's NOT illegal here, and she supposedly bit someone that didn't have the evidence to back it up and yet they were forced to either put her down or give her up. If you said "he's a gentle thing and wonderful with childrn", then you'd be shirkin your responsibility! I think that this is one of those situations where it is easy to think that you would get rid of a dog if it bit someone, but different when it is actually your dog in your house. People and animals have a lot of bacteria in their mouths, which can cause an infection if a bite breaks the skin. There are a few more details I'll need for a concise answer, but I'll try to cover all if(s)/but(s) that I can think of. SECOND, the dog's salivia has to come in contact with your body fluids. Usually your blood, in the case of a bite -- which would mean it would have to break the skin. Within a week and a half, the large … Everyone I know that has experience of dogs actually own one (or two) already and/or doesn't want one and I'd need it to be an experienced home to settle my mind. dog bite on thumb, didn't break skin. The chances of the dog having rabies is slim to none and the to actually get it the virus has to be in and open wound which you don't have so your fine! The fact is, your dog attacked someone, and because of that, it’s considered dangerous by … I always said if any dog bit me or my children it would be gone, so I stayed true to my word. sorry everyone - he's a cocker spaniel - he was 12months old when we had him and would try his hand as pack leader when we first had him. have you taught him his place in the family? Dog bites are classified by severity. As far as I know the bites were completely unprovoked. If it were someone else's dog and problem, what would you advise them to do? what temperament has he got? agree with lauriefairycake. §§ 11-1020, 11-1025, 11-1027. A dog owner is responsible for all actions that their dog takes, including when their dog bites someone else. The only way to get rabies is from a bite from an animal that already has rabies. The decision to file a dog bite lawsuit is never an easy one to make. My dog (15 lb shih tzu mix, spayed female, age 6, had her for five years) who does not have a bite history bit a guest in my home. He's attended scenes where a dog has been nicked, scratched, even outright killed by another dog. When he died I looked at our breed (dachshund) rescue and there were some lovely old sausages being given lots of love by people who obviously adore them. For instance, it could be a reaction to food, to insecticides such as lawn treatment, or to soap. Don't think it is like that now. My dog is only 14 weeks old, and he is up to date with all his vaccines. I was not seen by a doctor. But I have a 2 year old too and if I do nothing and he bites again, only worse, I've only got myself to blame right! What you need to … I don't know what to do. You will have to inform the rehoming centre (if you use one) that it has nipped (I agree m1) a child. Is this something I should be concerned about and is it likely the dog will cause more serious injury? It didn't break the skin or scratch or anything. Example: Dog Bites Person, Does Not Break His Skin In one California case a man volunteered to help a homeowner fix their swamp cooler mounted on a roof. Startling a dog by waking it up or suddenly approaching it from behind can provoke it to bite. I think rushing out tomorrow and getting him put to sleep is completely ott. clarify the story and because it occurred. The risk of any kind of infection is very slim if the skin was not broken. It didn't break the skin or leave a mark but, my son was scared. At 11 it is getting near the end of its life for some breeds, so what chance does an old dog who has bitten a child have of finding a new home. I'm from a long line of dog owners and they've always been gentle, trustworthy family pets but I was bitten quite badly when abroad 15 years ago so i know the damage that can be done. If Deacon attacked a person or even hurt another dog, I'd expect them to want to know if his shots were current as well. Good luck! X Research source If the dog’s vaccine status is uncertain—such as if the dog was a stray—the dog should be observed for fifteen days (if possible) to see if it develops signs of rabies. Unlike some other states’ “one bite rule,” liability attaches regardless of whether the dog has bitten before. You didn't let the dog loose to attack someone, the neighbor did. She said that she will submit an incident report, but since the bite didn't break the skin she would not submit a bite report and that the dog would not have to be quarantined. To get the infection, two things have to happen. Or I'll go to the vet with you. First of all if i didn't break the skin you should be just fine! There was only a small break in the skin. I think a young dog would not have coped well. Is it weird to rename a puppy you adopted? They can harbor all sorts of bacteria and fungi that can readily infect humans through broken skin, including tetanus. Is he part of the pack? An apology doesn't excuse it. Do you know the dog is infected? Re-home if you feel its necessary - like someone suggested the cocker spaniel club, but please dont take a life on this basis. Mother dogs will fiercely protect their puppies as well. If your dog wanted to bite believe me it would do more than brake the skin. those officers will know the suited action to take. My children live with two dogs at my house and have regularly been around other relative’s animals and have never been bitten before. risk of what infection? You should provide a specific location for your dog to sleep undisturbed, such as … I have a 50lb. Skin Allergy could be caused by a number of substances. Even a bite that does not break the skin can cause crushing or bruising injuries to the underlying soft tissues. This is a hard decision... we were lucky that by the time our old dog was beginning to get to grumpy old man stage, DD was old enough to understand and no trouble occurred. An understanding of the law involved is vital to the success of any claim. but i have broken skin on otherside around my thumb nail due to biting that skin myself. The other owner tried to break it up by putting his hand in between the dogs. Don't let your dog go outside the house without being on a leash and unless he's accompanied by a responsible adult holding the handle. The bite didn't even break the skin. Do you think that a dog bite that didn't break the skin dangerous? If the dog had rabies, which is highly unlikely even if it was NOT vaccinated, then you can technically contract the virus through tiny abrasions created in the skin that are not readily apparent to the naked eye. A nip from an old dog is a grumpy old man saying "bugger off, you made me jump" - a warning. The virus would likely die in the harsh environment out of your blood stream or mucous membranes before it made it far enough in. i hope your dd isnt too traumatised. It is definitely very itchy and uncomfortable, but it usually only lasts for about 10-15 minutes. Don't delay, if your dog bites someone, take the following steps: Remain calm. But that does not mean it should be ignored, firstly a vet visit is needed just to rule out any illness with the dog, age probably has something to do with it and possibly eyesight but that still doesn't excuse a nip. Troy Madsen takes us step by step—from what you should do after being bitten to when you should be worried about rabies. Or much about it's general demeanor. But I spent a lot of time with him teaching him his place and he settled down into a lovely dog. gives some info. He was being a responsible dog owner. I don't think you'd be shirking your responsibility in getting him re-homed. Tonight, my boyfriend gave her a treat and when she was done, he moved her to lay down on the couch and she ran up his chest towards his face and nipped his nose. If it didn't break the skin, you can't get rabies. what can i do to speed healing? I saw a stick on the ground, pointed to it and said “get the stick!” My dog was a fetching fool and nothing else I could say would being more joy to him. Sorry I'd get rid of him.

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