I guess I don’t really doubt that there are dogs who can learn to use barks to express specific ideas, but I myself haven’t owned one who does (I am rather drawn to non-barkers and don’t encourage barking from my dogs, so that may play a role). Except, as a person playing a dog, she doesn’t say BARRR RARRR or WOOF. I have had great success with Method 7 with both my Border Collie and believe it or not, our Pomeranian. Of course, that still doesn’t tell us which hypothesis is correct, but it adds an interesting new dimension. My first deafie would sometimes sit in the backyard on a beautiful day, completely relaxed, and bark gently at the sky. And then I remember something the boarding kennel we use told us: they commented on how quiet Jack is. The class trainer said I needed to get my dog put on medication, which I considered unacceptable. That is part of why I help him by asking him to go get a toy. When we are camping or doing things in the yard , he will start poking his nose at the ground, pounce, and bark . She likes to nap on the couch cushions, and doesn’t believe in personal space, so she is often literally inches from my poor ear, and I can’t say I always react well. I say “Enough,” he stops barking, although I sometimes have to work to keep him from starting again. Sleep Disturbance Case - Urgent February 2017. I find myself wishing that puppy classes taught more about how to deal with barking, and how to teach a cue that means “Thank you, your job is done now.” Dogs barking out a window are, after all, trying to alert the pack, and if the pack doesn’t respond, then what is the dog’s options? In the case of the visitor, it could be “Stranger coming, need back up from the pack!” and/or “Stay away from here unless you have authorization!” We know that at least some animals communicate in this way, including the well-studied Vervet monkey, who has different alarm vocalizations dependent upon the danger. I delved into all the books in my library that have sections on barking. It is definitely her way of talking/complaining but I’ve often wondered where that could come from in a dog’s behavior. The trick is to notice the lack of barking, which is counterintuitive. Effective, but a bit draconian. her guard dog abilities are pretty non-existing, but mostly I don’t mind that! Going on the supposition that if a behavior is increasing in frequency it is being reinforced, I tried to analyze what was going on here, and realized how very hard it is for me not to respond to her barking. Read "For the Love of a Dog Understanding Emotion in You and Your Best Friend" by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. available from Rakuten Kobo. It was developed by Trish King for dogs who bark incessantly in the car. Or is it communication to influence my behavior: come downstairs? We have alarm barks, playful barks, etc. My border collie mix does a “fake bark” where he goes to the window or the door and barks as if somebody’s there, and I can usually tell by the tone (not full energy) that he’s faking it, and especially if he looks over at me as if to say “Are you getting this? Any bets on how long it took that huge piece of wool/hair on her right to detach from her body? See more of Best For Pets Dog Training Solutions on Facebook . Beth and I laughed our heads off, and I drove home quite pleased with myself. My own dog rarely barks off her own turf. Also Nose Work, which has been a wonderful way to lend some structure to new and/or busy environments. My American Eskimo mix is an alert barker, and I’m fine with that. She barks out the window at people and dogs walking by, bunnies hopping by, and most of all at the neighbor’s evil white cat. That is how many comments on here sound to me. Yap! You can also share Willie & Learning Object Names Video videos that you like on your Facebook account, find more fantastic video from your friends and share your ideas with your friends about the videos that interest you. In her new book, The Education of Will, animal behavior pro Patricia McConnell goes somewhat off script, or at least, off the script that her readers have been enthusiastically following over the course of more than a dozen books and booklets she’s authored/ coauthored over the years.In it, she explores the ways early trauma can affect a dog’s behavior, and most certainly affected her own. Patricia B. McConnell, PhD, CAAB Emeritus is an applied animal behaviorist who has been working with, studying, and writing about dogs for over twenty-five years. Ranger is very well socialized and recognizes a number of nouns well enough that if I offer two of the things he knows and ask him to touch one he’s more than 80% accurate. Barking appears to be almost involuntary for some dogs in some contexts (note I said “almost”) and I think it’s up to us to help them find ways to do something besides barking. In my experience, yelling is probably the most oft-employed and the least effective method employed by owners when dogs won’t stop barking. at each other. Distraction works a little, especially with small treats. Bella barks to alert, for joy, for attention. He has a large vocabulary of barks, groans, growls and grunts. Lee, your dog that pretends to bark cracks me up. Both dogs bark when they want to go out but Ranger will look at a person, bark his “need to go out” bark once or twice and wait for a response. When Speck came into our home, it became obvious that he had not been socialized much, he did not know how to play with toys, he did not know how to lick a spoon and he did not bark or make many sounds at all. She’s literally unable to think, and is running on sheer emotion. He could hear just fine. It’s quite the scene to watch us! I waited until he did a run down with no barking and praised him like crazy. Or the puppy that had been taught to sit, but no other positions. Long. Thanks for the opportunity to share. We told her “Good guarding”. . She was “that dog” that’s lunging and barking at the end of the leash at any dog going by (and a few people). This Papillon had internalized the “barking rules” to such an extent that he *enforced* them with any visitor dogs (we often dog-sat for friends). I asked them for this behavior about 4 times. She’s all shed out, except for a tiny fluff of wool above her tail. He does not like to stay in the camper without us. One bark gets the reward. With rare exceptions, Method 2 is a lousy one. Did. Yap! They also have an older dog which is hardly seen outside (and obviously didn’t help with the barking issue). I have a greyhound, who, as a breed, generally don’t bark much. I’d give it a try. while the good dogs quietly wait, Mad Millie yells at me and she had a very nasty sharp bark. It would be a great distraction. Their barks vary as they perceive ours varying. Perhaps the answer is to have lots of people video and audio-tape their dogs. Entertain me!” She’ll do the same thing at meal times, though, so the only way to be sure what she wants is to know if it’s time to eat or not. The one we are working on now is only at night in the backyard. If it really works, it would seem to have some bad implications for behaviours that we do want that we put on cue. My responses include making eye contact, turning toward her, getting up from my chair, scolding her, playing with her, letting her out and letting her back in, etc. In addition, her barks saved her own life one cold and snowy night–she would have died if she hadn’t barked at just the right time to help us locate her, trapped under a log in the woods. Perhaps the human condition will always include attempts to remind ourselves that we are separate from the rest of the natural world. It means that we have learned to associate a particular bark with a particular context, but that could be because the dog is specifically signaling “stranger coming” or is expressing ambivalent emotions that correlate with “Uh oh, trouble coming, I’m worried, pack, come back me up!” along with “You! I am now trying to turn this around. She barks when she wants to chase the stray dog or stranger away. Getting his ball and playing with him does stop it, but he will play ball for hours, and that is not practical. As we approach the hunting/swimming grounds they get excited & will start barking vociferously until they are let out of the van. MEANWHILE, back on the farm: High summer here–Day lilies, raspberries, daisies, mosquitos, gnats, & Japanese beetles are all competing for attention. Hey! I have managed to counter condition that so that she now walks calmly by most, with just an occasional lapse, mostly due to trigger stacking. The one thing that did help was teaching her to walk behind me. She’s not really barking, so she can stay on the couch, right? We’ve got the alert barking mostly under control, as I said before, but she also gets very emotional and overwrought and then her eyes glaze over, as Holly mentioned about her dog above, and then we have to get her down from the emotional ledge before she can control herself enough to stop barking. I’ve never tried this but it sounds like it has potential: Dogs can’t bark when they are sucking on peanut butter. She draws from a wealth of practical experience. I thought it clever and apt then, and I still do today. I believe, like our language, dogs have a variety of motivations. I have tried teaching the bark on cue, but I found that then the dog would throw the bark cue in when they were excited and trying to get your attention. Jack’s “I think you forgot to feed the dogs” huff is the same whether it’s breakfast or dinner he’s missing. Have you seen the stage play, Sylvia, in which a man brings a stray dog home from the park and adopts it? I have also done #6 with one of my dogs because that is just fun! When they wish to communicate with us, i.e. Or you could get a cat, a lizard or a hedgehog. Today the dog leaped up and ran at the door, barking. Lunging, barking, and growling at any dog he saw while on walks - even two blocks away. Not sure why. A “bunny” was anything that was brown with long “ears” and a light tail that “hopped” this included rabbits (bunnies), deer (big bunnies) and nesting female mallards (bunny birds). My other boy was a year old when I got him and was never socialized. As far as the bark hypothesis I think my dogs experience a particular emotion and the bark conveys what they are feeling whether it be fear, impatience or happiness. When we hear them yip-howling close to the farm I’d run outside and try barking like Tulip in hopes it would scare them away. It was so interesting to me how in an instant his piercing bark went from sounding like he was screaming that life wasn’t fair to “give me that thing, dammit”. 2003. by Patricia B. McConnell Ph.D. (Author), Karen B. London Ph.D. (Author) 4.5 out of 5 stars 373 ratings. If you lived in the country and relied on your one dairy cow, perhaps a pig or two and some sheep, being “in clover” would make you feel rich. Feisty Fido: Help for the Leash-Reactive Dog Kindle Edition. When I had a one second hesitation, I added a signal (finger to lips). Contact Us | I like your description of Willie trying-but-not-quite-succeeding, “a bark will burst out of his mouth as if he belched.” Sometimes, we ask such hard things of dogs. Talkers only talk to the people closest to them. But after reading about Arlo, I remembered our female would “pretend pee” too! With most of my fosters with this behavior I found turning my back and waiting for quiet to be effective in reducing the noise – after the initial extinction burst, of course. Jun 5, 2019 - A cache of Patricia McConnell's work on how to train a dog, deal with canine behavior problems, or find help from experts like a canine behaviorist. Don't miss Patricia's new book, coming out Feb 21st. Accompanied by me later , she was cordial to him and very calm. Enough said. Sigh. It’s only one adult student who she keeps barking at — the one who doesn’t give her belly rubs or any attention. I’ll keep you posted. I too tend to think it can be both. He thought that the door was enough of a barrier to allow him to work on the screen that was stuck. It's scientific and it works. If I’d let them out the (fenced) back yard for a quick potty together, she would bark to let me know they were back. It took less than a week for them to get it. Humans cry, laugh, giggle, gasp, etc as an expression of internal state. My husband and I laughed and said he never shuts up at home. My cue is “Are you sassy-molassy?” Then he goes crazy barking and I have an exaggerated “You ARE sassy-molassy! As we head down the stairs he will stop at the landing (3 story house) and bark at us to hurry. So, when he was quiet, I rewarded him with ‘Good Quiet’. I start by calling their name and clicking and treating for them stopping their barks to look at me. Then when a situation arose where he would normally have barked, but didn’t, I was effusive with praise and rewards. We’re inside! Always rerenshifg to hear a rational answer. The answer turned out to be yes. I’ve had corgis, which can be problem barkers….. Patricia B. McConnell's profile 280 followers Patricia B. McConnell isn't a Goodreads Author ( yet ), but she does have a blog, so here are some recent posts imported from her feed. With variations on the “hey!” So it can be “hey you kids, get out of my yard!” or “hey, it’s great to see you!” My dog has whined to communicate since she was a pup which I thought was cute for 5 minutes. What IS that? (You can watch all the talks for a membership to SPARCS, although they were live streamed free around the world while they occurred.) Back to apartment living with a Boxer. I’m going to read more about it as it seems so interesting and fun. After a good run in water, mud, and pollen, that order, the dog needs a bath. And I worry about how other dogs will take that if she does it to one that can get to her. Join Facebook to connect with Patricia McConnell and others you may know. Why would dogs whose emotional landscape is so rich be any different I wonder? We have tried the offering her a treat as well but this is just not good enough she wants ALL there is to offer and demands no one else have anything. But see Turid Rugaas’s book Barking: The Sound of a Language for an important reminder that barking is an important part of canine behavior.) Method 7: Shape the Absence, or reinforce “anything and everything” that is not the undesired behavior. Not known to make particularly good guard dogs…. But when he was excited about play, he had an awful shatter-glass bark. Suggestions? Right now the belief is that is a result of dogs being paedomorphic wolves, or animals whose development has changed such that they retain juvenile characteristics in the adult form. Recently , as in four days ago, adopted a four year old sheltie. I tried obedience class, but my dog was expelled. Have you ever read Eileen’s blog? Come out and play!”. Here’s a shot of the garden behind the house. Interesting stuff. I often walk them with my neighbour’s dog reactive terrier. I can see at once whether he’s scented a deer vs. a coyote, for instance, just by the way he holds his head, but I don’t know if he’s even aware of it, much less trying to communicate this information to me. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/wolves/howl.html. I used a bark-activated shock collar for Cobiie (this was 20 years ago, & I was living in an apartment with angry neighbors, & could find no other options except surgical debarking; please don’t hate me) which was effective, but is not an intervention I will use now. Shortly stated, my concept is this: we are the species that barks. I think she did it for entertainment/boredom and now with the dog her size and breed, she has a companion to play with. Or elicit the occasional ‘arggggh’ It’s an effective outlet for pent up frustration. She is known worldwide as an expert on canine and feline behavior and dog training, and for her engaging and knowledgeable dog training books, DVDs and seminars. Now that is the go to voice if they have a complaint about being separated but still within ear’s reach. In our case, a riff on this method would be exchanging your dog(s) for one or several Basenji’s. View all copies of this ISBN edition: Synopsis; Raise that new puppy successfully with this understandable and user-friendly primer! It just doesn’t sound right. That helped, but for some reason while I was training that, I accidentally taught her to stop barking when I said “Speak”. Take the desire to go out. Tootsie falls into that category; she has a high pitched bark in situations in which she is emotionally aroused that can be painful. My Great Danes will Bark at people/dogs walking by until I acknowledge them and tell them to stand down as it were. . There’s a possum/bandicoot in the yard! Patricia is known the world over for her clear and engaging. We have started hauling his crate with us when we camp, but that does not always help. (I’ll leave it at that for now; I started writing more and realized it needs an entire blog. Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., CAAB is an ethologist and certified applied animal behaviorist who has consulted with cat and dog lovers for more twenty-two years. Greet her as a stranger with a pat to the head and you’ll get a snort – this same sound only ever happens in this context. And what does it mean that they didn’t howl until they were eight years old, when the new Bassett hound next door “taught” them how to? I see far more boarder collies and labs demand barking incessantly for someone to throw their ball. I wish I could reach thru the screen and cut it off for you! A Functional Analysis perspective on this is to change the Antecedent conditions in the ABC formula of Antecedent, Behavior, & Consequence. From “Yo, put my dinner bowl down already” to “Oh No No No, the UPS monster is walking up the driveway,” the motivations for barking are numerous and varied. HEY! Then we taught her that she shouldn’t bark AT him. They do know how to drive you crazy. But it’s a weird thought to me that animals could have such rich emotional lives and suddenly go blank in the experience/feeling dept. In this case, she manages to lure her son into play after only a couple barks, she would normally be doing this for longer. I see no scientific reason why one bark can’t be an expression of internal state while a different bark is communicative. When this Akita was about a year old, they got a puppy (same breed). If I’m being chased, I’ll pound hard and not wait before knocking again even if I know she needs time to get there. Familiar sounds. EBOOK: CAUTIOUS CANINE - HOW TO HELP DOGS CONQUER THEIR FEARS 2. I think there are as many different kinds of barks as there are dialects. (I read this a long time ago, though, so I could be misremembering). I think barks are giving very specific information. How did you get lilacs and lilies blooming at the same time? I jump in and mark/reward then return to what I was doing till the barking starts up again. Patricia McConnell, PhD, is an animal behaviorist and ethologist and an adjunct associate professor in zoology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, as well as … They certainly do. ;-), My dogs hardly bark at anything but I think Spot might be trying to tell me something here http://youtu.be/6NVtpvOA8lo, Athough he also barks at his kong if he can’t get the goodies out…. He’ll quiet down once we’re into the walk, if I’m walking him alone. Remember that being able to interpret your dog’s barks (and Farago’s research suggests we are all pretty good at this) does not tell us what the message that is being sent by your dog is. That’s when Zoey starts barking like crazy. Our first dog, a Beagle mix from the shelter, barked maybe 10 times in her life with us (each time for a Very Good Reason). Enter at your peril’. So, is it an inner emotional state: they don’t want to be alone or are frustrated they can’t come upstairs? Finna was raised by animal hoarders and I haven’t managed to teach her any noun except possibly ball since she will go find a ball if asked. But if he had company — ai yi yi. It’s a wonderful way of communicating, from alerting us to visitors, to signaling “help!”, to intimating individuals with dangerous intents. Once I confirm, as you do, that all is well. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to have made the connection that barking=attention. Barking then, in her case, since she does this only 10-20times per year no more, simply means that this emotional state is now more intense. He never learned to play and I’m not sure is this is his way of trying. We can get her to stop by ignoring her, but I would love to actually be able to greet her and play with her without going deaf. So they alerted to everything. But I’m big on solutions that work, and love practical, simple solutions. One of my dogs is a ferocious barker- his volume, intensity and occasional snarling bark tells me almost EXACTLY what is happening outside. Over time the Sammy has made huge progress. But what are dogs “saying” when they bark? Though I suspect dogs have in their mind a concept of they want to communicate. Haven’t seen that. As for dogs who whine, it’s almost always the same as kids who whine–they tried it, it worked, they keep trying it again. Patricia B. McConnell, PhD, CAAB Emeritus. Any thoughts? Thank You.” That is literally the opposite of yelling at dogs to stop them from barking, and I swear it seems to help them settle down. It seems like testing for intent is incredibly hard, if not impossible. Bone time! When she barks I now try to either ignore it (momentarily) or turn away. Oh! We have a rescued Border Collie who was picked up as a stray. Our fenced yard is not too big, but he never goes out unsupervised, we play together or I watch from the house or deck. Go to Philly and listen to all the variations on ‘Yo!” Same thing. I did not recognize my dog on that last bark; it was a seriously dangerous bark, the man immediately walked backwards muttering he meant no harm. Barking when excited about playing was a whole nother story. Her stress-barking is high-pitched & frantic, her alarm-barking is deeper, & her excitement-barking, (“Oh yes!!! stinky cheese?) Or again if he needs to go out urgently at 2am because he ate something he should not have, he will bark sharply once, wait for a response, and if we don’t respond bark sharply again…. When she started whining more I took her to multiple vets but no ne could find anything. One of Gila’s funnier barking “solutions” is to mutter-bark, a sort of inhibited version of barking. There’s barking and there’s barking… One of my biggest irritations when it comes to the topic of barking is folks who decide to get an LGD breed and then can’t reconcile themselves to the fact that they bark. We try to limit the opportunities for shrieking, and we have learned to live with the squealing (I have a pkg of ear plugs in my purse). The deep quality of it makes me interpret it as a warning. If we do something else he will look at us and bark some more. Whether that is the same as our concept, and fits your definition of “wholly developed conscious thought” probably depends a lot on your definition. It’s us. They never howled until she moved in. I’d rather a few “false alarms” than have a dog who is not ready to express himself! (they’re known for a weird chortling noise which a zookeeper friend of mine compares to hyenas and African wild dogs). I love clover. About Us | They bark when excited if I get out the hose or if someone they know pulls in the driveway, but they also direct puppy barks and whine towards me to get out of a crate or into the house or to get a turn if we’re training.

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