These cultural practices thus serve to bind the community together, connecting the individual to his or her culture. “If you were fortunate enough to be born into a family whose ancestors directly benefited from genocide and/or slavery, maybe you think the more you don’t know, the more innocent you can stay, which is a good incentive to not find out, to not look too deep, to walk carefully around the sleeping tiger. So we hide. This small moment is a microcosm of the larger historical conquest and theft by white people of Native heritage and identity. This quote speaks to the role that addiction plays for many characters throughout the novel. In Thomas's case, he is influenced by both. - William Shakespeare quotes from "What is past is prologue." Last Updated on October 25, 2019, by eNotes Editorial. Tomas Kalnoky. English > The Wife of Bath's Prologue & Tale (Quotes) > Flashcards Flashcards in The Wife of Bath's Prologue & Tale (Quotes) Deck (53) ... For half so boldly can there no man Swear and lie, as a woman can. Prologue Quotes There was an Indian head, the head of an Indian, the drawing of the head of a headdressed, long-haired Indian depicted, drawn by an unknown artist in 1939, broadcast until the late 1970s to American TVs everywhere after all the shows ran out. In the Broadway musical, a variant of the melodywas used in the song "If I Can't Love Her". "What is past is prologue." This is a reality for many characters. Test. First, it introduces readers to a key formal feature of the novel: the story is told through a multitude of characters’ voices. This quote is an introduction to the relationship between the individual and the community, an important theme throughout the novel. The Canterbury Tales Prologue Quotes. I like it, though, because when I do get it, I get it way down at that place where it hurts but feels better because you feel it, something you couldn’t feel before reading it, that makes you feel less alone, and like it’s not gonna hurt as much anymore.”, “Some of us got this feeling stuck inside, all the time, like we’ve done something wrong. 1. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this There There study guide. I wanted to say: "I'm sorry child." The thing we most don’t want has a way of landing right ton top of us. In this quote, Opal expresses how she learned about the importance of storytelling from her mother, a central theme throughout the book. I did not speak. But is it a game? Error rating book. There There study guide contains a biography of Tommy Orange, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. First, the novel is set in 21st-century Oakland, the location that is introduced in the final paragraph of the prologue. Orange refers to the…more So far I've learned in the first 50 pages that it refers to the Gertrude Stein quote about whether or not there is a there there. Cities form in the same way as galaxies.”, “Being Indian has never been about returning to the land. Too many of us died to get just a little bit of us here, right now, right in this kitchen. Buildings, freeways, cars—are these not of the earth? People want to say things like "sore losers" and "move on already," "quit playing the blame game." Rothstein, Talia. imc7154. Then in whispers, while the agitator gets sucked under the yacht, private agreements are made, precautions are measured out, and everyone quietly agrees to keep on quietly agreeing to the implied rule of law and to not think about what just happened. We have the sad, defeated Indian silhouette, and the heads rolling down temple stairs, we have it in our heads, Kevin Costner saving us, John Wayne’s six-shooter slaying us, an Italian guy named Iron Eyes Cody playing our parts in movies. Bertolt Brecht. And we think the problem is that they’re jumping. Ironically, the very act that was meant to eradicate Native life instead created a new home and community. There There Important Quotes. We have the litter-mourning, tear-ridden Indian in the commercial (also Iron Eyes Cody), and the sink-tossing, crazy Indian who was the narrator in the novel, the voice of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Dene (38-39) This quote explains the title of the novel, There There. STUDY. This illustrates the strength of Orange's characters, which take what is meant to kill them and turn it into something positive. There There is simultaneously the story ... sweep of history that was initiated when a group of settlers showed up and took a continent from the people living there. I was angry to hear about how human beings did this to one another without much of a second thought. Soon, the father, who put these things in place, is only spoken of in the form of lore, stories told to children at night, under the stars, at which point there are suddenly several fathers, noble, wise forefathers. The prologue opens in the month of April sometime in the late 14th century, presumably the 1380s when Chaucer penned his Tales. This illustrates the larger struggle many characters in the novel face over what story they tell themselves: many tell themselves that they are not Native enough or not good enough. But had you really cultivated this lean, this drop-shouldered walk, this way of swaying slightly to the right in opposition? There There Prologue Summary & Analysis. Discover and share Prologue Quotes. When she was able to move, I followed her." There is no there there.” The land may have been stolen and a once proud nation decimated but as Orange says in his profound prologue about the Indian cent and buffalo nickel, they are “like the truth of what happened in history all over the world, and like all that … This quote demonstrates one of the central commonalities of the novel's characters: each of them is an "urban Indian." Flashcards. Some of us got this feeling stuck inside, all the time, like we’ve done something wrong. Yet settler society rests on the premise that Native American life is confined to land outside the cities. Native artistic practices, Orange suggests, also function as storytelling mechanisms, helping to keep the community's history alive. Quotes tagged as "there-there" Showing 1-13 of 13 “When we go to tell our stories, people think we want it to have gone different. They’re making the decision that it’s better to be dead and gone than to be alive in what we have here, this life, the one we made for them, the one they’ve inherited.”, “She told me the world was made of stories, nothing else, just stories, and stories about stories.”, “We are the memories we don't remember, which live in us, which we feel, which make us sing and dance and pray the way we do, feelings from memories that flare and bloom unexpectedly in our lives like blood through a blanket from a wound made by a bullet fired by a man shooting us in the back for our hair, for our heads, for a bounty, or just to get rid of us.”, “The wound that was made when white people came and took all that they took has never healed. There's nothing left in the house but an upturned table, a ladle, and a clay bowl. But that is not allowed. Prologue Summary. Quotes . All the way from the top of Canada, the top of Alaska, down to the bottom of South America, Indians were removed, then reduced to a feathered image. Orange writes in the prologue that, like Stein, Urban Indians have found that there is no “there” to return to: their homelands were taken from them generations ago. To be or not to be Indian depends on it.”, “We all been through a lot we don’t understand in a world made to either break us or make us so hard we can’t break even when it’s what we need most to do.”, “Listen, baby, it makes me happy you want to know, but learning about your heritage is a privilege. She said that’s what we are. She told me we could only do what we could do, and that the monster that was the machine that was the government had no intention of slowing itself down for long enough to truly look back to see what happened. There There study guide contains a biography of Tommy Orange, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. singing was he or fluting all the day, he was as fresh as the month of may. The quote also hints at the specter of violence that haunts Native history as well as the plot of the novel, comparing collective memories to blood from a gunshot wound in a vivid simile. Match. He first describes the Indian Head test pattern that was broadcast on American television from the image’s creation in 1939 until the... Orange's novel is about the experience of urban Indians: every one of his characters has grown up in a city—specifically, Oakland—rather than a reservation. In this quote, Harvey speaks about the power of stories to change lives: stories, he says, actually shape reality. When she was able to move, I followed her." The process that brings anything to its current form—chemical, synthetic, technological, or otherwise—doesn’t make the product not a product of the living earth. ... BrainyQuote has been providing inspirational quotes since 2001 to our worldwide community.

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