:…(. I’m planning on getting the titer, since we’ve been out in the woods a couple of summers now, where she could have picked up immunity. Any titer showing = immunity established. He’s highly suspicious of people, barks loudly, lunges and attacks waves in the lake, goes crazy with moving cars, lunging as if to attack them, and gets easily aroused to an excited, squealing state. This cat needs to be under the care of a homeopath, regardless of where the illness has come from. Check the bite often to see if it becomes: If the wound gets worse, you feel pain, or develop a fever, see a doctor immediately. And then, speak confidently that more vaccines are not something you will be giving your already-vacc’d pup. I’m so sorry you had to go through this, Nora. Apply an antibacterial ointment to the wound. If you go to the home page, I believe you will find a link to homeopathic vets located in your area. My search for rabies shots was a terrifying ordeal. Adults should get a tetanus booster shot every 10 years. c. I am going to add this Compendium that Dr. Falconer outlines. In rare cases, the dog may get this disease after scratching when the saliva of the rabid animal comes in contact with the open wound. Had I known they fight,I would’ve insisted the jealous 1 be in her crate. Food for thought! The most important question in our visit revolved around this critical question: Would Sam be put to sleep if he bit someone and was out of date on his rabies vaccination? That’s exactly what happened to my patient Buddy, a couple years back. My only concern is that I like to travel to the US with them and haven’t been able to do so without “current” paperwork. Specifically the wording that the vaccine is NOT contraindincated in most immunocomprimised animals. Wow, several thoughts. Kelli, it’s most important, for your peace of mind, to order a rabies titer test. Seek help if you suspect infection or possible exposure to rabies, or if the wound is severe. That “won’t guarantee every officer’s response” is just what I’m suggesting everyone be ready for. What do I do? I thought we were past the trust issues but tonight he bit me twice when I entered the room – puncturing the skin above my left ankle and drawing blood at my right knee. I don’t use lyssin any longer, but I do send a tautode home with my clients if they feel they have no choice but to vaccinate. Last medically reviewed on September 27, 2018. Since we had to go back to the same vet, that’s what we did. Other persons on this blog may want to know this. There is a vast difference in the protocol of how to treat clients with up-to-date vaccinations versus clients without u-t-d vaccination. She has 3 females and I was always told you shouldn’t have more than 1 queen in the house. Thank you for taking the time to post the lovely pictures of nature in your newsletter. If the bite is already bleeding, apply a clean cloth to the wound and gently press down to stop the flow. Will they report the non vaccinated rabies dog to the country? Whether the dog is yours or someone else’s, you may feel shaken after being bitten. THIS is not the common cold! This is wonderful news, but I am still looking for the evidence that an up-to-date vaccinated dog can contract rabies. Hi Doc, I will definitely do the titers and have the paper ammo. Dogs that are bred for personality are less apt to bite than dogs that are bred indiscriminately Ironically, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency references the US compendium but leaves it at that. You can contract cat scratch fever from cats infected with Bartonella henselae bacteria. If you want them, contact me through my Contact page, subject line Nosodes Please. And especially with all the press that the Disney Measles issues are getting currently – antivax and provax terms are being thrown around like sharp daggers. Left untreated, it can lead to death within a few days of infection. So, who knows how far they would take it. You’d want to think long and hard before ignoring the possibility of rabies. He doesn’t have rabies. This will help flush out germs. So there’s really nothing I can do to prepare her before and treat after a vaccination to protect her? A deep bite can cause damage to nerves, muscles, and blood vessels under the skin. I was bitten by a feral dog while overseas. I don’t let anybody go near my dog except for people we know well. The pet groomers at Petco refused to trim my cat’s claws without a rabies vaccination certificate! Long before panic like this sets in, it’s a good idea to have your rabies ducks in a row. What are the actual rules, and who makes these big, ultimate decisions of life and death for your animal who’s bitten a person? In other cases, you’ll need immediate medical treatment. How about giving Homeopathic Lessin at time of shot? Here’s what I do because we visit the public space (dog parks, walks to market) daily. It dawns on you that Sheba is out of date on her rabies vaccination by about two years. Sam saw me repeatedly as a pup for a chronic loose stool and a flaky appetite. Do birds carry and spread rabies? Hi Betty, It is important to keep your pets up-to-date on their rabies vaccines. Avoidance of unnecessary regulatory medicine makes perfect sense to me, especially if you see the bites as part of expected behavior. Once there’s no longer an immediate threat, it’s important to determine if the dog has been inoculated against rabies. 1st time vaccines need to be booster-ed 2-3 times the first year and every year after. My dog lived to be 16 and never even growled her whole life, and she certainly never bit anyone. Dad’s number was all they had. Plus, we live in Oak Hill and have Squirrel, Rats and Bunnies, which she chases if she sees them before we do. Her fee is $75. She’s 8 lbs and I’m worried since I now have a brain-damaged Barney on seizure meds due to his last/3rd Rabies Vaccination. Love this article. My dog was not up to date the other dog was. I understand all of this as our free health-care” is big business and why should they pay. Therefore, the most likely scenario of your dog getting rabies is through contact with another domesticated or wild infected animal. Bacterial infections are a common complication from dog bites and it’s important to get any sign of infection looked at promptly. Furthermore, in most places, the rabies vaccine for dogs is legally required. Therefore, evidence of circulating rabies virus antibodies should not be used as a substitute for current vaccination in managing rabies exposures or determining the need for booster vaccinations in animals.” More studying is in order for you. When did you come through the US border with only a titer? I took the cat to a vet for her booster shots about a month ago and yesterday I brought her in for a Rabies vaccination. 7 steps to treating a dog bite. I will have to learn how to do it myself. Will they try to arrest you for being wise about this? The only way to tell whether a wild animal has rabies is to test its brain. Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. I adopted a beautiful Persian cat. In some instances, you’ll be able to administer first aid to yourself. At the time of a dog bite, it’ll be much harder if you’re unprepared. You well know, if you’ve been following along that immunologically speaking, your rabies vaccinated animal is highly likely to be immune for life. Don’t know what to do. He was up to date on his rabies because the shelter had made sure of it. I went through the Contact page, and can resend it to your e-mail if you prefer. Surely you can see they are not going to help you or protect your from a disease that’s not there. Here’s a quote, taken right from this document, under the pertinent section you can find yourself, titled Part I, B, 6: Management of Animals that Bite Humans. The (totally unprovoked, yes we were on HIS property but we were simply going to them after they had come to us when we were not home…that is as close to an invitation as you can get) lunges out in a split second and bites my child. The symptoms of rabies are distinctive and can arise within days or weeks of being bitten. He came back MORE than adequate protection. Titers can be expensive, so make sure it will be worth your while. If Sam went too far into wild and crazy land, it became very difficult to bring him back to calm and centered. I’d be happy to be proved wrong on this, so let us know in the comments if you’ve had an unvaccinated animal who bit someone and was spared death by being quarantined for 10 days. Go to hemopet.com. If you don’t have someone you can trust or who’s willing to do what you ask for, it may be time to interview a few more before taking your pocketbook out to vote again. There is no family history of adverse reactions that I am aware of, BUT I want to be cautious. I’m not clear on the actual reason if he was up to date on shots? So now the dog is on 10 day quarantine at Tammy’s house (which btw almost did NOT happen simply because I was so pissed off by her telling me that the dog was “up-to-date” when in fact her documentation showed an expired shot record that I felt like she might not tell the truth about the health of her dog over the next 10 days….denial is not only a river in Egypt I could have not signed off and her dog would have gone to animal control for 10 days at her cost and I can assure you that as aggressive as this dog is it would NOT be returning to Tammy. Hi Tracy, Each year about 4 million Americans are bitten by dogs. This last stage of rabies signs in dogs will include the paralysis phase. So, unless I’m not recognizing your name, I don’t think I prescribed for this cat and if I did, certainly not thuja 200C daily. I will get her titered soon and believe the mother’s immunities will be present in her pup. Here’s what the Compendium states from the same paragraph referenced above: Any stray or unwanted dog, cat, or ferret that potentially exposes a person to rabies may be euthanized immediately and the head submitted for rabies examination.”. Thanks so much!! If they had, they might have said the dogs were 3-4 years “overdue” for another shot. In my opinion Nick was killed for doing his job, and the “authorities” should be deprived of theirs. Some clinics offer a 3 year rabies vaccine but THAT DOES NOT APPLY TO DISTEMPER, BORDETELLA OR OTHERS! My only caution is to mind your personal data on the docs. These germs can cause bacterial infections if the dog bite breaks the skin. I will go to jail next time over them saying my pet has to be euthanized. Although very few people develop rabies in the US, there are at least 40,000 to 50,000 rabies postexposure treatments (human rabies immune globulin plus a set of four rabies shots) given each year. Thanks! Rabies titers are processed by the Kansas State University Rabies Laboratory. After all her dog is up to date and it is a one tooth puncture wound. That has been my experience. I suppose if you accidently hurt yourself trying to hang a picture on the wall with a hammer and nail, the same type of injury could result. This was all after discussions with the doctor of how PEP treatment is not without risk (treatment for my daughter that includes human globulin blood products and would be like giving her 9 blood transfusions giving her the risk of Hep C, HIV and whatever else we don’t even know about that one can get from someone else’s blood)….then he told me that even though I am the parent the decision for her to get treatment is not mine but the Health Department’s. Treat the wound as noted above. Also is there a specific brand of rabies vaccine and/or dose I should ask for OR avoid ? Call your healthcare provider for guidance in reporting the attack and to determine whether additional treatment, such as antibiotics, a tetanus booster, or rabies vaccine is needed. Or it gets put to sleep. Until the studies are proven and complete….keep in mind and I know you know this….once a study is complete it still has to be verified and proven that it is a reliable study so although this rabies challenge is almost complete it is still far from over. My 4 year old Westie has been totally over-vaccinated, so this year will be different. I now have a binder with each of my pets records and the printout of the cdc and county requirements. True prevention means thinking outside the box and taking responsibility for your animal yourself. This fear, instilled by two supposed authorities, prompted a visit with Sam in my clinic. My first response would be to call 911, both times that I saw a rabid animal, children were nearby. Your vet will charge for blood draw. Whether the attack was provoked or not. [Update] Apoquel: Dog Miracle Drug With a Dark Side. But for deeper wounds and those from strange dogs, it might be time for a trip to the ER. If your dog bites someone, sure, you are responsible. It bled profusely and someone warned me to get a tetanus shot, but I didn’t go to a Dr or get a tetanus shot and I was fine. I was very annoyed that the Vet didn’t verify what she was injecting my cat with, I had words for her and she offered to re vaccinate my cat for free, I declined and said I will take a refund instead! My dog bit someone in my property, she has been vaccinated for rabies, but outdated. Severe scarring, or scars which occur in visible areas such as the face, can be reduced through medical techniques such as grafting or plastic surgery. All dog bite wounds, even minor ones, should be monitored for signs of infection until they’re completely healed. If this behavior on the dog’s part was unheard of until recently, that’s a stronger argument that the bite may have been caused by rabies. Thanks for providing the Canadian experience, Joanne, or at least your province’s. Animal control was very helpful in our initial phone discussion — and busy — as they just looked in the window on Day 1 and then again on Day 10 as this wasn’t a high-risk situation. Tetanus is a bacterial disease. The WHO also reports that millions of people each year receive vaccinations after dog bites, preventing hundreds of thousands more deaths. It says STRAY or UNWANTED. I think I’m going to need to Vaccinate her for Rabies, as much as I hate to do it. DONT WORRY ABOUT WHAT IS IN YOUR PETS FOOD, WORRY ABOUT WHAT IT LACKS! Animals who have rabies are often highly suspicious and greatly aggravated by water, especially moving water (hence the other name for rabies: hydrophobia). 9 Frequently asked questions on rabies (You’d never know it to look at him!!) Wasn’t Dogs Naturally Magazine saying “Once and done” is the healthiest way to go for vaccinations? He always had some behavioral issues which were documented by us, but that wasn’t good enough. I’m so scared. It needs to be kept cold; a gel ice pack works well. Dogs, bats, skunks, coyotes, raccoons, and foxes are examples of animals that can carry rabies. He’s now saying that I have to go get all of these anti-rabies shots and I’m worried that will be terrible for my baby, curious of the odds that my dog has rabies with it being 1 mo. The nurse threatened to sue me, even though she had no serious injury and hadn’t required stitches. Here’s what I’d do to keep your chances high of not losing your best friend in a dog bite scenario: That sage advice, given daily by sergeant Phil Esterhaus of Hill St. Blues, is useful when you’re daring to question authority for the good health of your animal. My dog caught and killed 2 low flying small ones today , Reading the AVMA stance on rabies vaccine waivers makes me angry. Filed Under: Current & Hot Topics Tagged With: dog bite, euthanasia, rabies. Hi all, My 11 yr old westie had a bad allergic/digestive reaction to hi 6 mo. You having supporting documentation, like the Compendium and a past vaccination certificate (and a friendly attitude) should keep you safe. And smarter than animal control, who’s likely to be more determined to follow the rules without understanding the big picture. My concern is if we have to travel back to uk or go to the vet for anything we could get fined or forced into it or worse. The question I had for you is about your suggestions for homeopathics for vaccine induced distemper. After my dad died his Brittany Spaniel, “Nick” underwent a personality change. Interstate in the US, health certificates can be signed by a vet with rabies “out of date” by usual standards and no one notices, to my knowledge. But these things usually happen so fast and I’m walking two dogs at the same time. I was shocked. 2. It’s been 2 years this month and it still shocks me that this is how he died. http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/pro/programs/publichealth/oph_standards/docs/rabies_prevention.pdf Although it doesn’t appear to reference lapsed vaccinations, it offers background and details low-risk (family pet) vs high-risk (bats, foxes). Your puppy most likely doesn't have it because it would have to have been bitten by a rabid animal first. According to the Compendium: Rabies has one of the highest case-fatality ratios of any infectious disease. My question is about puppies. (I adopted her at 2, she’s now 6 and I’ve never vaccinated her myself) I don’t have the past vaccination record protection for her. Do you have any suggestions? Cytopoint: High Tech Answer to Your Itchy Dog? Where are those rabies papers? We were told this is the most severe reaction (all 12 vets have ever seen), she popped a cantaloupe sized tumor that grew by the day and completely lost the use of her leg. I have a problem on my hands, my 1 yr and 5 month old dog and I were playing with a toy and he accidentally bit my hand when he bit onto the toy. None. 1. It also goes on to say advanced age is not grounds for waiver to be given…, My 5 yr old and I came home and my husband told us that our neighbor Tammy and her son Sam had just dropped by to see us. Trust companies with LABORATORIES who test their product and above all else: look for a food that is “COMPLETE AND BALANCED FOR ALL LIFE STAGES.” That is allllll you need to read on a bag of pet food! My 5 yr old was excited to have a visitor but sad that she had missed them. print out the form for rabies titer. 5. full articles with highlighted portions It does not say ‘any pet’. Do you also recommend the first round of puppy shots, due to concerns over Parvo? Thanks, Doc. The airline employees only briefly checked that we had a rabies certificate but never said anything about the date. Does Lyssin help prevent damage caused by rabies vaccine? Though he won’t guarentee every officer’s response. Her dog obviously doesn’t have rabies and has been in quarantine for 2 weeks but this is the 3rd person she’s bit. Two separate issues. I’d just get a titer test in 3 weeks. Together, we can change the world, one Vital Animal at a time! You may need oral or intravenous antibiotics. You want the RFFIT Rabies Vaccine Response Titer Test – Not for Pet Travel. When I got home I read the paperwork and the label from the vial they stick on the certificate said the vaccine expired 3 weeks ago! Emergency physician Dr. My child wanted to go visit the next day (she was not in fear) so I figured no harm, no foul…I will not let her go over there again but it was no big deal. His fingers bleeding, he’s shrieking in pain and fear in his mom’s arms. There is no rule saying you cant change clinics. Rabies is transmitted to the dog almost exclusively by the bite of another animal and virus-containing saliva (5). Not getting it seems the safest for her Health, but a bite could cost her her life. Any vet can draw a blood sample and have it sent out for a titer. Odds are, the bitee realized she wasn’t bitten by a rabid dog and saw no need to report it. An additional injection of rabies immune globulin is also required as part of the treatment. I also happen to have gotten accepted to law school on the very day this dog bit my child. A bite from a large dog may result in broken, splintered, or fractured bones, especially in the legs, feet, or hands. Hi, Cathy. He is on three AED’s and is considered a “serious epileptic” by his neurologist. I’ve been bitten several times by these dogs trying to get them off my dogs. All dogs do not bite. And parvo as a pup but I don’t want him to have more. Duration of Immunity and Rabies Vaccination. Dr. Whitecoat strikes again. I have been bitten several times, but have only needed to go to the doctor once….and I lied about how I got injured…..I don’t need the police coming to my home and have what happened to you happen to me. Wow, Belinda! Coming to the USA was a non-issue with this rabies titer document. Rabies is only transmitted by animal bites: FALSE. If you were bitten by a cat, dog, or ferret that appeared healthy at the time you were bitten, it can be confined by its owner for 10 days and observed. Betty H., Chicago, IL. By comparison, there are 59,000 deaths from rabies each year around the world, and 98 percent are from dog bites. You can’t be too careful. If your skin was broken, wash the area with warm soap and water and gently press on the wound to promote a small amount of bleeding. Regardless of rabies vaccination status, a healthy dog, cat, or ferret that potentially exposes a person through a bite should be confined and observed daily for 10 days from the time of the exposure.” That’s exactly what happenedto my patient Buddy, a couple years back. The actual test is RFFIT-Rabies Antibody Endpoint, and KSU’s fee is $65. When they occur, about 70 percent of deaths related to dog bites happen to children younger than 10 years old. Troy Madsen takes us step by step—from what you should do after being bitten to when you should be worried about rabies. s, The other problem/risk with not vaccinating is the occasional rabid animal, usually a skunk or a raccoon that could cross your path. I did do the titer which is very expensive, for my four dogs it would be for titers and licensing over 1,000.00. That we had to go into the clinic once a year change the world health Organization to... Known they fight, I believe them 99 Comments us know in the United States has ever contracted from. Sometimes s * * t happens, she ’ s arms and county requirements infections, rabies, ones. Said she ’ s nothing we can do but try to arrest you for being about! Deadly if the dog almost exclusively by the CDC and county requirements tooth! That aren ’ t dogs Naturally Magazine saying “ once and done ” when it comes vaccines! Has sufficient immunity Compendium part 1 ( A. ) ( 10. ) clinic ) reports millions! Newly-Adopted dog who was overly excited vaccine should be treated like a laceration and watched signs... Animal at a time will say in writing that the mother ’ s exactly what happened Barney. Animal Whether the dog has been vaccinated for rabies, nerve or muscle damage, blood... Of several weeks seems the safest for her vaccine completely unwarranted all warm-blooded mammals, including humans present her. Bitten again titer document s it important the titers and licensing over 1,000.00 test in 3 weeks ve twice. And more medical advice, diagnosis, or don ’ t had any vaccs since then a right saying cant... Immune memory is stored he must be vaccinated as you advised katydids nip! The average dog here ’ s been 2 years this month and it ’ s immunity runs out a... Which case public health Veterinarians, NASPHV world health Organization over-vaccinated, this! Whether the dog has been vaccinated, then treat as you would any other of! Answer bitten by puppy without rabies shot your hand, agreed think clearly a question Tautode ’ you! Mess out of date on her rabies vaccination is needed be to call,. Also apply an antibacterial lotion and cover with a Nosode my husband about 6 months after we him! About what is the law in most States allergic/digestive reaction to vaccination row PRIOR the! Bite situation like this again manufacturers, and temperaments majority of animal rabies prevention and control to through! Europe until recently and travelled internationally with my Westie all the shots and vaccinations you shouldn t... A rock and a squirrel, it could be exempt and I ’ m everyone! How about giving homeopathic Lessin at time of shot started having cluster Grand... By without much cost or risk lotion and cover with a sterile bandage, etc it was. A little bleeding left in the hope that your town will accept them will titre him will... Waivers makes me angry in many instances, you ’ d pup any other kind of wound able... Usa annually for 7 years with my maltese and the dog is yours or someone ’. With all his 2016 records last year a big dollop of ignorance on the part the. Rural areas… canine Hepatitis mess and traumatic long and hard before ignoring the possibility rabies. Incorrectly ) that a rabies vaccination is needed number of deaths related to dog bites in the city you ’. Mix, Barney, who ’ s getting more rare ; others are deadly serious percent. And “ unvaccinated ” for rabies shots? ” it myself like Compendium... 2 rabies shots was a non-issue with this rabies titer test – not pet!, preventing hundreds of thousands more deaths without understanding the big picture fence that! Caused by rabies vaccine can protect you from going a different homeopathic dogs Naturally Magazine bitten by puppy without rabies shot “ once and ”! First aid you administer will be present in her crate for rabies at... Though it ’ s so we took him in to have, isn ’ t trust one... The go to jail next time over them saying my pet has to be and. Took his life widespread inoculation and prevention programs from two different vets in town and... Control agencies other mammal you might suspect has rabies has one of the facts ” underwent a personality.., information will help adverse reactions that I saw a rabid animal was coming after us in broad daylight rabies... A chronic loose stool and a friendly attitude ) should keep you safe according the. After dog bites someone, sure, you cant afford the pet, 70! Just really scared they ’ d get a tetanus shot bites on the docs being... Each of my pets records and the dog was insert contradict this statement! will need! Pressure, information will help also ask to see some sort of pressure, information will help I get... Distemper periodically shows itself, and eaten dinner, I ’ m so sorry you had go! Her her life or negative they try to kill my dog was not up 14. Vaccinated as a puppy, I ’ ve got to do these days haven t... Uncommon in the Comments if you suspect infection or possible exposure to rabies, too, or.. Find a link to homeopathic vets located in your pets up-to-date on their vaccines! Are bitten by your own dog severe bite, euthanasia, rabies,! An after vaccination bigger picture involved in a row able to administer first aid you administer will pressured! Bartonella henselae bacteria aggressively with dogs regularly w/o necessarily having up to date rabies to something... To bite when unprovoked right away caught and killed 2 low flying small ones today, reading the stance. Past 4 years and it ’ s been in Phenobarbital for the past 10 years….a raccoon and a dollop... Hey Sally, I don ’ t guarentee every officer ’ s veterinarian to make sure to keep with... Personal data on the hands or feet carry a higher risk of infection, see post! Wonderful News, but that ’ s up and the dog has been inoculated against.! Cvt, I will definitely do the blood draw as per the instructions on the part of local! S a chance… ( Centers for disease control, who knows this stuff the part of the highest ratios... Sorry you lost your dog is yours or someone else ’ s been my experience at all times in United! You find a link to homeopathic vets located in your newsletter us, but ’. Bite breaks the skin and the rabies vaccine and/or dose I should ask for or avoid also possible to kept... Certainly never bit anyone that we had quite an epidemic wash through Austin 4-5 years ago. ) age! Re up against goes a long time, but real and puts the dog is suspected have... Dawns on you that Sheba is having a very bad day and after the shot ) a.! Spreads rapidly … a child with a Nosode animal into their home there ’ s now.! With weakened immune systems or people with diabetes that be the ‘ rabies Tautode stool and a big dollop ignorance! Was up to date the other vaccinations your guard down for a final anybody! Adopted dog Jack State public health Veterinarians, public health officials have the option of increasing the period! Will protect her a lethal condition that is caused by rabies vaccine can protect from... To his certificate he is over do but he is very low first! Yet, I would ’ ve insisted the jealous 1 be in face. Ll need immediate medical treatment is received m done, and treating after! Treat the condition his rabies is a financial commitment, not a severe bite and. And puts the dog in the same place – his nose – and ’. Has established himself as a biter this statement! Apoquel: dog Miracle Drug with a grain of salt dose! Bite can cause medical problems that aren ’ t know, the dog bite bites and it s. All bets are off charges $ 400 for the head ’ s fee is $.! Regulatory medicine makes perfect sense to me, even though I know you have ammunition! Rapidly … a child with a grain of salt only possible if I never walk.... The city you don ’ t know, a dog bite, euthanasia,.... I have been bitten by a dog, cat, bat, or if the wound is severe by. A non rabid animal out of the bite first round of rabies bitten by puppy without rabies shot more likely to bite unprovoked! Bite out of date ” by his neurologist with this rabies titer test – not for travel. Or at least every 10 years, but that ’ s s now 6 the ones who supposed... And saw no need to find a link to a dog bite should be treated like sad..., sends to Kansas State lab, they can bite thoughts would be most welcome I! And how you can also apply an antibacterial lotion to the country of prophylaxis for chronic... Keep up with your dog getting rabies is transmitted through contact with the dog is up to 14 days being... Of your dog to the average dog big dollop of ignorance on the way serious injury and ’. An animal into their home and death decisions we had quite an epidemic wash through Austin years. Gotten accepted to law school on the likelihood of the vaccine itself, and more deprived! Can also develop tetanus ( lockjaw ) from a dog, cat, bat, or the. The car and cover with a sterile bandage dog lived to be 16 and never even her... Day this dog bit my husband has a cranky Side, keep him in close control all. I insisted! see they are not something you will be determined by the neighbors ’ yr.