On Friday, April 14, the honorable Jessica Rosenworcel, Chair of the Federal Communications Commission, is set to deliver a plenary address at the National Action Network (NAN) Annual Convention in New York City. After the FCC Chair’s remarks, a panel discussion will follow discussing broadband equity featuring representatives from the nation’s largest telecommunications providers.

The panel titled The Fight for Broadband and Digital Equity will address the rampant social issue apparent in today’s society: the internet connectivity disparity affecting Black and brown communities across the United States. This issue, which has also exasperated from the global pandemic, will be discussed and moderated by Pastor Steffie Bartley, North East Regional Director, with a panel of experts including Michele Cober, Verizon; Pastor Keith Davis, Camden Dream Center and Cisco Networking Academy Support Center; Anisa Green, AT&T; Nicolaine Lazarre, Charter Communications; Dr. Teik C. Lim, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Sean E. Mickens, Comcast; and Clint Odom, T-Mobile.

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