Jordan Neely (Photo courtesy of Mills & Edwards LLP)

Jordan Neely's family responds to killer Daniel Penny's admission of guilt through their representatives.

“Daniel Penny's press release is not an apology nor an expression of regret. It is a character assassination, and a clear example of why he believed he was entitled to take Jordan's life. In the first paragraph he talks about how ‘good' he is and the next paragraph he talks about how ‘bad' Jordan was in an effort to convince us Jordan's life was ‘worthless.' The truth is, he knew nothing about Jordan's history when he intentionally wrapped his arms around Jordan's neck, and squeezed and kept squeezing. In the last paragraph, Daniel Penny suggests that the general public has shown ‘indifference' for people like Jordan, but that term is more appropriately used to describe himself. It is clear he is the one who acted with indifference, both at the time he killed Jordan and now in his first public message. He never attempted to help him at all. In short, his actions on the train, and now his words, show why he needs to be in prison,” says Attorneys Donte Mills and Lennon Edwards.

Mayor Eric Adams please give us a call. The family wants you to know that Jordan matters. You seem to think others are more important than him. You cannot “assist” someone with a chokehold. #houselessness #mentalhealth

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